Craig Hartwig's Package…. A Real Show Stopper!


Sorry Craig, we are talking about your boat and truck! Craig’s very very rare 1942 16 foot Chris Craft Barrel Back Hydro has been at the Lake Dora show before. But this year it was the package deal that made my week. Craig had a nice truck lined up with a restored trailer and spare engine in the bed. Craig’s intent to eventually restore the boat. But to be honest, I love it just the way it is. Folks would just sit there and drool. There is something to say of the dream of restoration. It’s all fantasy at that point. The fun of restoration is a major factor in this hobby. I looked at one boat that had been in the water once, and was for sale. The owner wanted to do another. So here’s to the dream, here’s to Craig and his ability to hold out and stretch the dream out just a tad longer. Thanks Craig for sharing…

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    Anonymous says:

    I also think this was one of the neatest displays at the show. However, I think the boat should be restored. Barn finds are cool as hell, but this is a very rare boat – one which deserves to be back in the water. Don Ayers told me that out of 19 built, only 6 remain. Why not leave a more common boat as a “barn find” example, but return the really rare and valuable boats to use? I spoke with Craig briefly on Saturday, and it sounds like he is going to restore it. The trailer is also soemthing to behold – I’ve never seen one like that. I also like the truck, owning a beast very similar to it – a 1954 IHC 1 ton – as I do.


  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    A restorer should never be rushed. They will do it when the time is right. So many factors go into a restoration and like a fine wine should never be forced. Like a doctor first you should do no harm. Then have as much fun as you can. We are all trying to have our boats as good as they can be and when the time is right make improvements. All the best wishes for all the woodyboaters trying to piece it together.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Craig did some research on the trailer. It was designed to deliver runabouts on land. It can pick a boat from its skid, deliver it and set it on a new skid. Perfect for a stepped hull such as the 16′ Hydro. The trailer may be of the same vintage as the boat and truck. His research dates it to the early 40’s.

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