Deals Of The Sat Day On Ebay!


OK, I am drooling!

It’s Saturday, and if your reading this, you aint gotta boat or boat show to go to. There are plenty of shows around for sure, Both coasts and in between. So, sadly your here reading this story, so we decided to feature some cool ebay deals. First off is my drool boat that is actually priced very well if it checks out. A 25 Sportsman with a 5200 bottom for 65K. Its a sad estate deal, so clearly not alot of horse trading, but for 65K. Wow.
Here is the ebay listing for the 25 Sportsman



Amazing Boston Whaler . The last one made like this!

The next is an odd one but for me a real dream boat. A 1976 Boston Whaler. NOW, wait.. This is a transition year, and end of the line for the wooden console with a tan gelcoat. And this one has been well cared for. The price is fair if this is what your looking for. I am always, just don’t have the funds right now. Which is frustrating since these NEVER come along.
Here is the link to the Whaler



1961 25 Sportsman. Love the Blond touch

The next is a very neat 24 Sportsman. OK, Priced fairly for what its had done, and priced over the top for the model. But I will say, as a boat goes. Worth every Nickle. These models are way under valued. So maybe its priced right. It certainly looks cool.
Here is the link to the 24′ Sportsman



Nise -ish U22

And last but no least is this U22 here in Maryland. Cool 5200 bottom at some point in its life. And her sides look rough, but at least the seller tells ya about it. Which is a great sign of a good seller. “Not a museum restoration, a great user and safe boat.”
Here is the link to the U 22

So there ya have it. Happy Saturday, and Happy Header day. Just hit refresh and you will see an old header each time! Get a boat and Get out there!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That 1961 sportsman is overpriced by $64,000. The reason to lust after a 61 (and I often do!) is the interior which is completely gone from the dash to the floor.

  2. Jimmuh
    Jimmuh says:

    Or…..for only $3000 LESS, you could have this bad boy….
    Can you say fill ‘er up with 100 octane mate? And again 2 hrs later…..

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