Different Kinda Rerun For All Our Model 99 Readers

“B” after she fell during the big roof fail. Oh you want to know more dont you?

Yesterday the comment section got lost in a model 99 conversation. BTW, I love it when that happens, and I can go story surfing. NEW term, where I grab the wave of conversation and run with it. HEY!!!! Have you been outside? It’s COLD. YA YA, the Fla people are wondering? What? Well? Where are all the boating stories from you guys? So you get winter reruns, ebay stories and more photos of Mr B. We are still waiting on Syd to burn his house down and all he seems to be doing is playing with train sets. FOCUS Syd, we need fuse popping fun here. Do us all a sold and melt your wires. Okay back to todays story concept.

Before B was sent on her plunge

In hindsight, it would have been fun to save some of this wall to use as a backdrop for ‘B” This is the wall she was next too. OH great, now I am collecting old torn down walls. I may have found my line in the sand

The image from yesterdays comment section – note the registration number. Oh that lit up some comments as well.

I have a link, and it takes every model 99 story so you all can just focus on all the model 99’s out there.


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Holy Moly, that header and first picture are a painful way to start the day. It was cool yesterday to see Walstrom Marine involved in the story. They are a northern Michigan historical fixture and the new owners of the Harbour Club in Algonac.

  2. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Indeed, this was Bob Smith’s “Waterloo”.
    He and his wife Betty were dear friends of ours and Bob originally had “Minnow”, which is a 16’ pre-war Utility now owned by the Bradford family over on Pickerel Lake, also extended family of ours.
    Well, long story short, Betty had wanted to do some renovations around their home in Birchwood and Bob had said they had to wait a bit due to tight budgets at the time.
    All of a sudden, Betty saw the article about Bob and Razz-Ma-Tazz’s extensive restoration, so she immediately went out and bought a brand new, full length mink coat!!!
    We had a great deal of fun with those two at Hessel and more for many years and the mink coat was always a topic.
    It originally had a four cylinder and Bob wanted a bit more speed, so that’s how it wound up with the “K”.
    I’m sure I’ve got some pictures of they and my parents, so happy to pass along. Their kids were great and I’m sure they’ve also got history too.
    Just let me know.
    P.S. Dan Kimball, Dave Lesch, Ward and Fred Walstrom are the best! I’m quite sure there are some people still around with great stories of Ward Sr., my Dad and others………😄

  3. Brock Horsley
    Brock Horsley says:

    Awesome stories. That answers the question about the engine change. Yes, I worked closely with Dan at Walstrom through the sale process. He was great. His family history of Century Boat commercial illustrations is an interesting story in itself.
    I would appreciate any pictures and information about the boat and the Smith’s to piece it’s history together. Thanks so much.

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