Do Not Read This Story If You Want To Stay Normal!

Just keep repeating.. It’s just a mixer.. just a mixer.. DO NOT look at the deck seams..

It was bound to happen.. Poor Texx… The disease is strong in him.. He is sadly powerless against its will. It all starts innocently enough.. searching for cool stuff on the web.. And then you think, hey I recall old wood boats, those are cool.. Next you are on eBay.. Then you start googling around.. You come across the Antique Boat Center, and other brokers.. You sit and dream.. WOW, that would be cool.. To zip around in an old boat.. Then you go the next step, you buy one.. then two.. then you see wood and varnish everyplace. In old Woody Cars, furniture.. This is when you know you have the dreaded disease.. Mahoganyitus.. BUT!

Jet Drive? We warned you.. Turn away NOW!

When you start seeing boats in common kitchen appliances.. Dear god! There is no hope.. Texx sent these to me last night.. I thought, why is Texx sending me a mixer.. and then I saw it.. The seams, the lines.. The alternative rudder prop system.. Actually might work.. Just think of the water skiing possibilities.. Not to mention that you could whip up the lake into a nice whip cream… mmmm  Just stop your mixer boat and plunge in to a nice lake full of whip cream… OK… It’s official, I now have the dreaded combo case of Mahoganyitus and leftover syndrome… Hope you all had a great Christmas..
Texx & Matt

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Oh No!!! A terminal case of cabin fever!

    Quick…fly to St Somewhere before you shoot six holes in your freezer!

    OMG,I think I got it too!!

  2. Rick (at least I think I'm Rick)
    Rick (at least I think I'm Rick) says:

    Blizzard conditions outside, my flight south has been canceled and I'm looking at deck seams on a mixer…..AAAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!

    And to top it off I'm thinking the mixing blades are canted a little too high to make an efficient surface piercing drive!

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