Do You Know Miss Washington?

Recognize her?

Fellow Woody Boater Lee Corbin from Seattle has an obsession with Miss Washington or Miss Washington II. A younger more attractive Miss Washington? What? Oh? BOATS, Race boats to be specific. All poor Lee has is this bad Newspaper photo which is way beyond an ink clot.

Photo of Miss Washington or Miss Washington II

The photo above appeared in the August 30, 1930, edition of the Vancouver Sun (Canada) newspaper. “Miss Washington” was scheduled to take part in a regatta in Vancouver’s suburb of New Westminster, driven by its owner, Frank M. Fairbanks of Seattle.

Not this Miss Washington BTW. Oh Peggy Sue..

Lee wanted to to see if any members might be familiar with “Miss Washington” or “Miss Washington II”, which was built the following year? Both boats were built in Seattle in 1930 and 1931.  She does have an even older sister. See below

If you recall we did a story on Houston Girl and very similar race boat. STORY HERE

John Allen On Board Houston Girl – Lake Tahoe Concours 2010

Houston Girl ready to go!

Trailer! Cool stuff

And if you are so inclined, HOUSTON GIRL is for sale at Sierra Boats on Lake Tahoe. WOW, the restoration was the fun part for sure. Trailer included.





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