Don’t Get Mad, Get Another Classic Boat. And Another, And….

Full throttle run home before dark. I am sure I will pay for that! HA.

This week I have had the pleasure of running most of my boats. Stinky, WECATCHEM and Sweet Pea. Buttercup is still in purgatory waiting for some moment of focus and passion to paint her up.

Like owning a small marina, There is another dock with boats as well. Our home has TWO docks. The property was three different properties at some point in its 90 year history

Boating in general can be a love hate thing. But classic boating has a whole different set of love hates for sure. Which is why owning several is the way to go. Because inevitably you will hate one, and still want to go boating.

The other dock, Sweet Pea sits where Sylvia was parked that day 10 years ago. That Green boat is a Skiffany local built boat.

Sweet Pea’s home on Kelsey’s Dock

I recall owning Sylvia. I pampered her because I had put so much into her. She scared me. Until the day I decided to take her to the show room and put her on the market. I took her out and floored it. Ran the piss out of her. Guess what? I loved her again. Emotion is a funny thing. It can be there for dumb reasons. And usually the solution to your frustration is a very rational problem that can be worked out.

All dressed up and… UGH

Maybe not at 10AM on a Sunday with your family ready to go boating. But once again, that’s why you have several boat options. This is a very rational reason to own several by the way!

The Boatress just wants a sunset ride, doesn’t matter which boat!

For all you that only have one boat, we hope you enjoy the weekend. And if all goes bad, don’t get mad, get another boat, cause ya gotta always have two.

Getting in just before the lights go out

The Reedville Stack is lit up, and this Saturday night will be really lit up with fireworks. A wonderful tradition here in Reedville after the home town parade down Main Street.

Just Get Out THERE! Keep on boating. Your soul needs it! We all need it. Now turn off your computer, go on, close it, turn it off, whatever, and go! Go! Go on!

And remember, it aint fun til someone gets towed in! Norris Lake!




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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Timely story. While I was grilling the chicken my cousin took out some of the guests for a boat ride. It wasn’t long before I got a phone call that something went wrong and the engine went into limp mode. They made it back, but we were ready with two other boats for rescue and to use for the rest of weekend until we diagnose and fix the issue. It’s important to have backups!

    P.s. No pictures since it was the pontoon that died.

  2. Antique and Classic Pontoon Society
    Antique and Classic Pontoon Society says:

    Someday you will see the light and get your very own pontoon, or better yet, a fleet of them!


    • RH in Indy
      RH in Indy says:

      I have the difficult task of deciding which boat to use because they are both running well! Finally.

  3. Johnny V. / John Vyverberg
    Johnny V. / John Vyverberg says:

    It’s always great when the “tow of shame” is performed by a wooden boat on a plastic or pontoon boat……………..

  4. Rob
    Rob says:

    I suggest that you buy a big cruiser that needs a new bottom and that you do all the work all by yourself. It would be good for you…trust me.

  5. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Already been out this morning! Just returned from skiing. Now cinnamon rolls & read WB.

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