Driving Miss Jimmy


Engine flaps up

The other day Jimmy got YANNON in the water, and whenever he does that, two things happen. My good camera come out, and one of her carbs has issues. YANNON is without doubt one of the most photogenic boats on the planet earth. And her carb issues are from sitting a lot, and stuff just being a tad sticky. So a good run is always good for YANNON and Jimmy’s soul. Enjoy it all, I did for sure.

The switcharoo, Lynn takes the helm

Dam! Lynn go for it

Jimmy doing his thing

Okay, that does it

Oh Hoke, could you drive us to the store

Old class, passes new crass

The perfect moment captured.. PERFECT, background, eyes, engine

Lynn and Tara out on the Great Wicomico. I have no idea what happened to Jimmy?

There he is. Dang Lynn. You go girl. Lady.. Female, woman of stature. You go strong person.. I am so confused?

Motor Boating on the Great Wicomico.. WHAT? Crap, I cant say Motor Boating anymore either. Woody Boating? mmm that can even be a tad pervy.. Here. Boat on water near shore.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    The little runabouts like Yannon and Water Lily are a blast to drive. They are the sports cars of the water!

  2. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    It’s those darn Zenith triple carbs! Mine used to ice up after about 20 minutes. Beautiful boat though!

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