Drum Roll Please.. And The Last Gasp Award Goes To….


First, let me thank everyone again.. From the folks at Hagerty for helping out and you folks for sending in stuff. So.. Without any more delay.. The runner ups….and below at the end of the story.. the big Hat Winners… No they are not big hats.. the winners are big.. the hats are adjustable…

This shot was the big winner for me from Alexander Watson.. It says it all.. Fun, Joy.. Cold.. But it would be lame to give the big winner to the mast head and the big idea guy that gave us last Gasp week.. Sorry Alex.. the mobs of angry Woody Boaters crying foul forced me to move on.. .. And we got another shot in later that really kicked it up.. NO HAT!

We loved this image from Dave Janes of his Switzercraft. The colors are perfect.. The leaves everyplace tell the story. But the touch that had us all voting no was the lawn mower.. So much for the romance of the moment..

This shot from Chad also said it all.. The perfect day.. I feel like I was there.. 

This story could have been a winner from Woody gal. .Just alone for the sucking up to a sponsor.. But.. she picked the wrong sponsor to feature.. A little premature.. The story of winterizing your boat is slated for later.. 

 Steven Gray…I loved the story and the shots… Not sure if its fall there yet? Killer boat..fun story.. Photoshop Steven.. Photoshop…
Jim from Fine Wood Boats – This shot and story got us all going.. Funny, and the shot says it all..  fun stuff.. 

Steven, Chad, George M, Ashley, George B from SML…Everyone felt the need to send the look behind shot.. Hey, when you are out on your boat.. This is one of the classics

John Mears.. This story was funny as all get out… On a cell phone.. I could not see the images and that was the punchline.. This was the big winner for story and image… But.. John did not go far enough.. Ya gotta suck up to the judges John.. Oh so close.. Ohhhh so close…

Close.. This one image is gorgeous.. But Mark and Marianne made the fatal mistake of actually telling the truth.. they said they have another week to use there boat.. NO HAT!
Martin Belcher… And a boat named Keg.. get it.. Keg.. Belcher… This alone would be a great  and hat worthy.. But.. no real  fall reference.. Sorry Martin.. rough competition
this week.. 
Really? Dave….A t-shirt.. Lynn looks more the part…That took some balls ….Ohhh what a bitter cold day in Virginia that must have been.. NO HAT FOR YOU!  You still..wait..we still have some boating time.. Ya, I live here.. Ha Ha to all the rest of you! 
Its a stern shot from George McInnis that looks like a bow shot.. That little touch of red on the scoop makes it for me
Pat and Sheila Chaps and photographer George McInnis for setting the artistic tone.. We are going to do an entire feature on George and his perfect eye.. 

OK.. this one is amazing .. A close runner up..

A film.. from Bob Shapton.. This could have been a big hat winner.. BUT, No plot.. the Story line.. what story line.. And.. NO nudity.. BUT does win for best sound design.. No hat though…. Sorry Bob… Wait, you already have one.. 

This shot from Mark left me cold.. real cold..shiver me timbers cold.. Dear god what a gloomy day.. A darn close winner.. 

AND NOW! Ladies… and Gentlemen.. The big winners are……..


To Jonathan Reus from Macatawa Bay Boat Works.. It’s simple.. Pure.. Tells the story.. And clearly there is no time left on the water.. If there ever was a last gasp image.. This is it..  Congrats on this one.. This is the Big Woody Boater hat Winner.. 


The Big Hagerty hat winner goes to Chad Durren for Perfect Day.. Now.. I suspect its because of the well art directed scene of the oil can matching the engine.. Chads story told simply, with great clean images…  Chad even threw in his Dad to play on what a family guy he is.. Ruthless Chad – Chad here is doing much more than sucking the oil from his award winning motor.. He is also sucking up to Hagerty claiming that he reeeeeeeallllly takes care of his boat.. Nice.. Chad.. Brilliantly played!  Chad is a true competitor.. 
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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    WoodyBoater & Hagerty,

    Excellent choices! It had to be tough with so many to choose from. It's great that all of the entries were included for one last review.

    I liked Jim's photo but can see why Jonathan walks away with a hat. The "happy little trees" comment and Bob Ross reference was great! You can still catch re-plays on U-Verse, cable and satellite.

    Chad, that was a great story, well written and illustrated. We should be treated with more of that regularly in the Brass Bell!

  2. Tom T
    Tom T says:

    Great choice!. The color of the trees themselves then with the light snow on top, Perfect. Getting cold up here in the Northwest to. Going up today to pull my friends 38 foot StanCraft out and put her in the shop.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Great job everyone and a very fun contest. Glad I didn't have to pick the winner. Watch out next year… I'm looking to add to my had collection.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Beautiful boats & great stories! I say "let's do it again in the spring" with first run stories and pictures. It would give those poor people down south who never have glowing orange trees a chance to win something.


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