Early Morning Rides, Bimini Tops, It’s The Dog Days Of Summer.

Mr B is not a fan of the heat. But does not want to be left at home. He is a tortured soul sometimes. Always on the wrong side of the door.

It’s hot here at HQ, and humid as hell. If Hell is humid. Not sure anymore, hell could be an air conditioned cubical in a generic office park. So.. I suppose we each have a version of hell to run from. Thats mine.

The factory top is a fantastic little trick so in the middle of the day I can zoom around without being baked to death.. Broiled actually

Mr B also appreciates it

The original top. Bob and I trying to figure it out. What? How?

Lake Dora!

Anyway, around here the early rides are the way to go, flat water and that kinda soft morning light before it all muggys up and other boaters are out doing what they do on their jet skis and pontoon boats. BTW, in my hell, in the cubical, I am surrounded by jet skis and pontoon boats, Mini vans and angry pudgy women named Karen. And turds named Brandon who think they own the universe. All this from my cubical… AHHHHHHHHHH, I need to go now..

You can feel the humidity in this shot outside the boathouse.

Like boating through soup.

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  1. Art
    Art says:

    Even Molly-O had a top until some a hole “borrowed “it from the marina just before we bought her.

    BTW here is an update on her spa treatment after the Reedville excursion. The entire drive train had been removed and sent to Henry Smith Prop shop here in Algonac. and is mostly in good shape, except for the drive shaft which had a slight wiggle. It will be replaced. We have located a recently chromed chalk and bow light . The monkey rail has been repaired and is ready for stain and varnish.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    79 degrees here in Michigans beautiful Upper Peninsula today. No need for a top on our boats. Just soaking up the 30 days of summer Sun.🌞

  3. Ron out of Seattle now
    Ron out of Seattle now says:

    The bimini. pushing 61°, and moored st Secret Island, in Glenthorne Pass, British Columbia.

  4. Woodydiva
    Woodydiva says:

    Ughhhh…..were in the same BOAT! (1946 22′ SPORTSMAN) We are in So CAL and due to Climate Change (yes, we heard its a thing) it’s @20 degrees hotter and earlier than ever before. So we are calling all Woody Boater peeps that might be “in the know “of someone that can RIG us up with a BIMINI. We are so fortunate to have a pretty solid 7/8 mos. at 5500ft to boat away and our Aussiedoodle (BUOY) needs here shade…..and our age spots are not a good look. Helpppppp

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