Ever Try And Explain A Simple Flathead Engine Task Over The Phone? To Someone Under 25?


Can you measure the depth of the head? Sure!

Okay, now for the record, I am not bashing young folks here. REALLY! This is more about history and how time marches on and stuff changes. Why an under 25 year old looks at you like you are nuts cause you cant figure out snapchat, or why your wifi aint working.

See that photo at the top of the story? Now I needed a simple measurement. Is the head a pre war head or post war. I am replacing the aluminum head on Stinky to save it and I didn’t know there was a difference. So I called and asked, can you go out to the barn and measure the head. Here is the conversation.

Whats a head?

It’s that large metal thing on top of the engine with spark plugs in it.

Whats a spark plug?

Those things with wires in them. I will send you a photo.



No I needed the depth of the head.

Oh… Where does it start.

I will send a photo.

Is it next to the stick of butter thing?

I will send a simple photo.

Oh? What is that? Try this?

Thanks MaCall Boats for the photo

Got it.

Thanks as suspected a pre war head.

That took several hours. Now I know some may think, come on. But you can see a young persons eye roll when you ask for help with your iphone.  And now when they do, ask them to go measure the head!

TRUE STORY!!!!! I had an exchange of emails with a WoodyBoater reader for a week as to why he could get the app to load or work. This went on and on, I tried to fix the back end.. Around the 4th email exchange, come to discover he has a flip phone! AHHHHHHHHH

The App

So its not an intelligence issue, but an exposure thing. And to be fair, chances are you will interact with an iphone alot more than anyone does with a Flathead H engine in a 1937 Chris Craft.  Its no longer part of normal life. And from now on, all exhaust manifolds are known around our house as Sticks of Butter!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt look on the bright side. Asking a young male to measure the head you were likely to get a SnapChat photo of something that you never wanted to see.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    If the old guy on the other end knew how to use his phone, he could have FaceTimed the youngster and given better instructions. “OK move the tape to the right a few inches…no, the other right. Now go up to the line…no too far…perfect, now zoom in…”

  3. Jeff N
    Jeff N says:

    This was pretty funny 😂😂😂 That dog under the hood was too much. I was very interested in reading since I’m a rookie and trying to learn all I can. Then the dog under the hood had me in tears. 😂 So all heads differ in depth being if it’s prewar/ postwar ?

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