Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About An Amphicar. But Were Afraid To Ask… Because The Geek That Owns It Would Go On and On About it…

Here is a great 7 minute video of all the ins and outs of an Amphicar!…Just think of all the time you just saved at the next boat show…

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    Anonymous says:

    Well, I don't know about the rest of you but I'm going to bookmark this story so that I can quickly review it just before traveling to Tavares, FL next March for the Sunnyland Boat Festival. This way I may be able to avoid the possibility of getting into a lengthy conversation with one of many of the Amphicar owners after I arrive at Lake Dora. This video did a fine job of explaining all (and then some) of the curious questions that I may have been tempted to ask while there. Hey, that bilge pump could come in handy while taking a long road trip with 3 little ones and a wife that have to stop every 35 miles or so for you know what-ing.

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