Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lymans, In “Book” Form?


Lyman Boats, Legend of the lake, by Tom Koroknay "Doc Lyman"

Well.. ya think you know a little something about boats and you know what, your right, you know a little. just enough to get in trouble. Well, there are web sites for that sort of thing.. And something else.. They are called “Books” they are these things that have a collection of information and pictures all done in an organized fashion.. and get this, they don’t require being plugged into anything.. no batteries, nothing, that’s because they are printed on.. get this.. Paper.. And you can carry these around.. read them, hit bugs with them, take them on your boat.. Doc Lyman’s book on Lyman’s is the go to bible on Lymans. If you are sniffing around one.. Lymans, not the Doc.. Then this is a must, and if not.. A must just to appreciate the history and greatness of Lymans..  You can order yours right here on Doc Lymans web site.. LymanBoat.com

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Lymans are definitely great boats (right behind CC), but all those bumps and lumps on its hull (I think they made up the word “Lapstrake” so they didn’t have to get the planks flush). I’m just thinking how much sanding it would take to fair those sides. They also knock down the spray so much you end up staying dry. What’s with that?

  2. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:


    While you are writing about books, Paul Pletcher has two new ones just out on Chris Craft Commanders. One about history the other about upkeep and maintenance including the XKs and Corsairs.

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