Family Reunion – Norwegian Wood Comes Home.

Alan from Katz’s Marina and bob Larson

Yesterdays story brought out the warmth…of classic boat owner…stewardship. We have said for years, that life, love and happiness are embedded in the grain of your Woody Boat. Your sweet ride can feel when you are around, and more importantly knows you love her. And we all know this other fact, she has a way of loving you back, and needs you as a partner in fun. Such is the case with long time fellow Woody Boater Bob Larson who just recently reunited with a loving member of his family. Here is Bob’s Story. And thanks to Bob Kays for the great photos. And Bob Rice for being such a handsome model. Yes, that’s a lotta Bobs.

“Thirty years ago I had an itch to do a wood boat project, thinking maybe a utility style, so, I went to see Wayne Mocksfield at Lake Hopatcong. After looking at a number of possibilities I decided I just preferred a cockpit runabout style. One boat was available, which I thought I might be able to afford. Wayne told me it was based on a Higgins style bottom and would ride nice. I brought it home and started a year restoration process with my limited knowledge, producing what I thought looked OK.

I also joined the Lake Hopatcong ACBS at Wayne’s suggestion and began an education which helped with the 2nd restoration I did 10 years later, bringing “Norwegian Wood” closer to an original look. That was my main boat for the next 22 years. I did a couple of out board boat project during that period.

A little over 8 years ago, I decided to try the Utility style, completing a two year restoration on “Off the Clock”, a 1960 17  CC Sportsman with V-8 power, fast boat, fun to drive. Norwegian Wood needed it’s third round of restoration and I did not have the desire at that time to start another project, so, the boat went to Seth Katz at Katzs Marina. Six years later he started a ground up, complete make over including a new bottom, bring new life into the 1953 17′ CC Rocket. Seth also has a family connection to Rockets, since he always is searching for these amazing boats. Seth grew up riding around in a cool Rocket, and did find that specific boat years ago as well.

Bob Larson

We mutually agreed I, the second owner, should be the one to continue ownership, carrying on the legacy of the boat I saved, after hanging in a boat house on Culver’s Lake un-used for 20 years. The boat is preserved, with it’s original K engine and hardware and instruments. Katz’s Marina did a fantastic job of making the boat better than new. I had a great ride, felt like coming home, late in November 2017.

At the Marina ready to go

That Katzs Marina finish is unmistakable

Fantastic Alan Johnson Script.

Bob Rice, Bob Kays and Bob Larson. mmmm is that all the Bob’s on Lake Hopatcong

Headed back to the marina

The Bobs having some fun.

These hulls ride like butta

Cutting through the chop… wait, there is no chop! Just cutting through the butta

Off for a fall Sunset cruise.

Thanks Bob, Bob and Bob for sharing this great story. And thanks to Seth and the Katzs Marina crew for keeping it all in the family. We all need this sort of story this time of year.

Her varnish is there to reflect your love!

Come on everybody! Let’s all sing along with Peaches & Herb.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    This was a great story that seemed to be getting better and better, and then BAM it crashed at the end with Peaches and Herb. Now I have lost my appetite for bacon this morning.

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    When I first got Rocket Man and started my project Google searches of 1953 Rockets produced several photos of Norwegian Wood and it became my model for what a Rocket should look like when done right.

    Yes they do ride like buttah. It’s as if someone is ironing the lake in front you as you go it is so smooth.

  3. Carla
    Carla says:

    Love the story and the pics…albeit we could have done without Kevin Bacon. Personal thank you to the 3 Bob’s for your business. Hagerty appreciates it!

    • Wudzgud
      Wudzgud says:

      Hey Carla,
      On another note and first year Hagerty customer. Hagerty sends out emails to me and I am sure others in the WoodyBoater community. There has never been an email or story in any of the emails on a Woody Boat, only cars. Just sayin’, wonderin’.

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Left Miami yesterday morning in shirtsleeves and 76 degree weather. Back in Tallahassee last night it was down to 30 degrees. 21 here this morning…so much for global warming. Any how…Detoured by Tavares on the way home….Looks like a lot of construction activity around the the Key West hotel area.

    Nice story about the Rocket…A couple of years back West Marine had a big poster of a Rocket on display in their stores. I figured somebody at their California headquarters either liked Rockets or just like Chris Crafts in general as they had have had several other Chris Crafts, old and new on display since.

  5. Bob Larson
    Bob Larson says:

    Thanks Matt for the great coverage. I can’t begin to tell all the stories over the years about sharing Norwegian Wood with friends and family. I will share one, the day I took people for a slow ride on the Delaware & Raritan Canal, started the boat 8:30 in the morning, finally shut it off 5 in the afternoon after giving 95 people a ride, five at a time. That was 1994. Then there was the time my sisters and cousins gave our parents their final “send off boat ride” on the Mullica River in south Jersey. I’m hoping to start a whole new series of memories with the “like new” restoration the crew at Katz’s Marina did so well. Also the great job done by Allen Johnson on lettering.

  6. Bob Larson
    Bob Larson says:

    The owner of the boat on West Marine catalog was one of many that contacted me for help with a Rocket restoration.

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