Five Minutes Into The Perfect Weekend, And!


Good thing we have several lifts and docks

Oh come on. Really? The special weekend is supposed to END with a crap fest. Not start. Maybe the Karma gods are having some fun and getting the BS out of the way?

Thought I had blown the transmission. Nope. Rear line fell in and did a number on the prop. All good though.

I have fixed my bafoonary on the torque front and installed a new stud. Something I hope the Boatress feels no need to do one day. Just Say’n. Any who. We did get the Stink In The Drink.. God I hope that’s not a metaphor for something horrible. Sure sounds like one.

Ya, that guide as an issue. Peyronie’s? They say one out of 4?

Stinky started right up like a weezing thumping champ. What a mess. HA, she’s perfect. Anyone that has ridden in her, swears its all part of her charm.

Two docks. 4 boats in, two boats on land in states of repair. 4 is enough.. for now.

I tried out a new paint called Liquid Leaf. Kinda cool.

The good news is the fleet is all in the water ready to party this weekend. Hopefully we are going to try out some new film tricks with some new toys. So, I have only one thing on my mind now. GOING BOATING! Why are you still reading this crap? Really?

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    One could say, it sticks with you for a while! HA. The boatress asked, what if it rains on Stinky.. I thought… mmm, fish may die?

  2. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    Yesterday we launched “In The Mood”. The launch ramp was empty, she started right up and ran great, went to lunch at our favorite waterside restaurant, it was in the mid eighties and sunshine (in Northern Michigan in May!!!!), the hoist worked like it should and the wife was happy. Now I’m kind of nervous.

  3. Leslie Best
    Leslie Best says:

    Hacksaw blade is the best thing to cut that, if you drop it who cares, and EVERY boat has some. Usually not on a lift. Cheaper than breaking a $35.00 filet knife.

  4. Phil
    Phil says:

    Last summers first ride the propeller digested a heavy duty golf hat. Good think Fine Wood Boats has a spare in stock.

  5. Briant
    Briant says:

    I haven’t.

    There are accidents….and there are accidents waiting to happen.

    For this very reason I always stow the lines before motoring off. And I am sure my kiddos got sick and tired hearing me scream, “Where’s the rope!” every five minutes while tubbing each and every summer….

  6. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    Had a bow line run under boat and get caught up in outboard prop.Couldn’t lift motor or reach bow eye.Since I was way out in the lake,had to go swimming with my rope cutter-a toenail clipper.

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    Too ad to the joy today, Blown Head gasket on Stinky, not a surprise, but she was running so well. Now a frothy mixture of joy. And there is a little leak in WECATCHEMs drain bolt on the exaust manafold. Does it ever end?

  8. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Well I went BOATING…we cruised over to historic Onancock…noaa called for 1 footers and low wind on thurs…right on…great trip….stayed on hook, walked around the town…truly fantastic eastern shore locale…..and then yesterday….noaa missed it by a mile having served up the same forecast while we slogged 6 hours home at 6 knots in white capped breaking 3’s and 4’s….they get it right half the time…still a fun ride…
    still a great trip and left the weekend to the jet ski and pontoon crowd.
    John in Va. Happy Memorial day and thanks to all soldiers for service!

  9. Ed Sundheim
    Ed Sundheim says:

    Long ago and far away cruising in my 19′ Capri a picture- perfect day came to a VERY abrupt halt: from 25 MPH to dead in the water in about 2 boat lengths: green water over the bow and me nearly over the windshield, Engine stopped instantly. Haven’t felt anything like that since my last arrested landing on the Lexington!
    I knew I had 30-40 ft under the keel and no flotsam anywhere in sight. Got a tow in and climbed under. There was a fiberglass composite slalom ski jammed twix prop and strut and bent to a Z like a speed brake. Those suckers have 3 or more steel rods imbedded in the composite. Most skis have flat black bottoms and tend to float upside down making the near impossible to see in anything but glass-smooth water.

    Lesson Learned: Please paint the underside of your skis day-glo and save someone the cost of prop, shaft and rudder
    (Sorry no pics. This was back in the 35mm Kodak days.)

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