“For $15,000 You Can Have Yourself A Custom Handmade Boat, Built Just For You, And Go Woody Boating!” Scott Turner.

aristo-typhhon-12-bowLong time fellow Woody Boater Scott Turner is a blessed man, he is the third generation to be doing the fun stuff at Aristocraft boats. The other day we did a story on misconceptions of owning a classic boat. Folks took us to task that for $15K it was a stretch. Well. We went further to prove the point. How about a new custom built boat just for you? That’s right? And this is no “alternative reality”!  You can be out in the water and smoke any million dollar Clorox bottle in the style dept. Here to tell you about it is the builder himself, Scott. Mr Turner, take it away!


We will be doing a story on the vintage engine cover later

Aristocraft boats has always been known as an everyday mans boat.  Back in the 50’s my grandfather followed a working example of a effective assembly line, and built his own assembly line system inside the Aristocraft factory.  By setting the assembly line up on a constantly moving chain system, he had over 300 employees working around the clock, with a boat coming off the end of the chain every 15 minutes.  What this meant for the consumer was price savings.  By building them this was, much like the innovative Model T was done, they were able to sell them much cheaper then the competitors.


Finished or even more affordable if you want to finish it

In today’s time, the assembly line chain sits in our museum as a decoration, long past its days of use.  Our operation is much smaller now, and we take pride and enjoyment in what we do.  The boats don’t come off the line every 15 minutes anymore, instead they are built by three generations, Bill my father, myself, and my son and daughter Owen and Ella (7 years and 5 years respectively)  and take around 2 months to complete.  We do it a different way now, we do it for the love of it.  They say if you enjoy what you do, then you will never work a day in your life.  We have yet to work…  Building boats is a passion to us, and its the reason we keep it going.  Our boats are still built nearly the same way they were originally, on many of the same jigs, with many of the same tools.  We still sand cast all our own aluminum hardware, and still finish the boats by hand.


Git ouuta my way!

For many years I have been trying to convince people that the world of classic boating does not involve any more upkeep then does a modern glass boat.  The varnishes have improved greatly, the epoxy bottoms, the paints, the wood, all of it is helping the boats become less and less maintenance.  Less maintenance means more time doing what you bought the boat to do, have fun!


Lets go!

The other common misconception I have been trying to reverse, is that woody boating has to be an expensive hobby.  It doesn’t, and it can be much less then a comparable glass boat.  Our Typhoon 12′ is one such example of this.  The boat is 12′ feet in length and has a beam of 4′.  The boats are rated for a 25hp motor, with a 15″ shaft. ( Vintage Engine Cover, is separate) The boat itself sells for $12,500.  And here’s the best part, for that price you get to pick all the color options, interior colors, and design, bottom color, windshield color, stain colors and pattern and more.  Our favorite part of these builds is working with our customers making sure they get exactly the boat they want, and all that is included.

2017 Turn key Aristocraft Typhoon including an engine!

What about the motor you ask? well we have been using Suzuki motors for the past few, and they are working out perfectly.  The motors are cheap, reliable, and efficient.  A turn key Typhoon typically comes in right around $15k for the boat and motor.  That’s correct, and not a typo, for $15,000 you can have yourself a custom handmade boat, built just for you, and go.   I’m not sure you can find more fun out there for less, legally anyways….
 There are countless ways to have fun on the water without breaking the bank, and this is just one example of how.
Happy boating
Scott Turner

Offer good through Valentines Day 2017 Print out the image, or mention WOODY BOATER in your email or call.

Thanks Scott, and for our Woody Boater readers we have a special offer from Aristocraft Boat Co – $1,050 worth of free upgrades through Valentine’s Day. It’s custom floorboards ($250 option) custom grab bars ($200 option) epoxy infused bottom ($600 option). 
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  1. Dave Nau
    Dave Nau says:

    Now that’s a real deal! And I had to do a double take with the Johnzuki. I’d rather have a real vintage outboard. A 62-64 28 HP Johnson/Evinrude would be nice.

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    I finally found Dawsonville with the help of spellchecker. It’s on the way to Dora. Just outside Atlanta. If the timing is right could be a great stop.

  3. Doug Couch
    Doug Couch says:

    Scott and Aristocraft are the real deal. He devotes all the time needed with you to help make the buying experience exceptional. We bought a 16ft Torpedo and are delighted with it.

  4. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    That right there is a LOT of fun for the money.

    Scott: Could one of these be rigged to go onto Davits on a cruiser?

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      I’m sure Scott will jump in on your question but just to let you know I delivered one of their Aristocrafts to Red Lion Pa to a customer who was going to use it for just that purpose. They owned the local Dodge/Jeep dealership, lived in a beautiful modernized log cabin and had a yacht on the coast. I also got a tour of his “collection” or should I say hoader of all things classic, such as Chris Craft Sea Skiffs, Dodge Trucks, and a cool raised deck Greyhound bus (you know the kind with the upper panorama view – not sure of the actual model name).

      • Troy in ANE
        Troy in ANE says:


        I would love to try to put a Formula Jr. on the stern of a big cruiser one day, but I think it would be a little heavy. This could be the ideal way to have a nice classic look to explore estuaries while living aboard a larger vessel.

  5. Bob Huff
    Bob Huff says:

    Great boat! We’ve owned two… the first is now in Holland (the other one, not the one in MI) and the second one is on our bookshelf with a Mercury Mark 75.

  6. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    One of my earliest and fondness memories growing up on Belleville Lake just west of the Detroit Metro Airport, was during the summer I was 12 or so. Friends of one of my Uncles had an Aristrocarft, with the Green windshield and yellow bottom. He and his wife love to water ski behind that little thing, and would always stop to pick me up as an observer. I spent two summers on that hot little number. It was one of my first experiences driving a fast boat. I think they had a Scott Attwater on the back for power.
    So I have had a soft spot in my heart for these little boats all my life. It was a highlight back several years, now, that I got to know the Tuner family on a first name basis at one of my first visits to the Mt Dora show. Down to earth people. And they are keeping part of my past alive, every time I see a Green Windshield Aristrocraft.

  7. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    I have a 2002 Typhoon. A bit small on some waterways, but lots of fun. Be prepared to spend time talking to people at the ramp – it never fails to draw admiration & questions. Upkeep is simple. My husband stripped and repainted the bottom right after we bought it in 2008, the former owner having launched/retrieved it by sliding on planks laid over the seawall. Antique Boat Center refinished the deck scoop & refreshed the rest of the exterior varnish as my Christmas present in 2013. I keep it on a lift, wipe it down & cover it after every use. It winters on the trailer in our garage. Looks great with nothing more to it than that! Looking forward to the story on the retro covered modern outboard. And I need to make the trip to GA to see the museum.

  8. Scott Turner
    Scott Turner says:

    Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the replies! Great to hear there are so many Aristocraft fans out there.
    To answer a few questions, yes they can defiantly hang from davits, we will work together to get the dimensions so its ready to go for you. As light as they are they make perfect tenders for larger vessels.

    Yes Dawsonville is the moonshine capital! Every year there is a big moonshine festivals and samples are always around.

    Anyone please feel free to give us a call, or email, and your welcome to stop by our shop anytime and visit, and tour the Aristocraft museum.

    Special thank you to all the friends we have met over the years, and customers of ours who let us keep doing what we are doing. THANK YOU!.

  9. 72hornet
    72hornet says:

    I had the pleasure of visiting the shop in Georgia and was able to view the collection. The Turners are a first class family that share their unique history and passion for the Aristocraft line. I was able to help finish a 16′ Typhoon from them a few years ago. A fabulous boat and lost of fun teaching my dear friends grandson about painting, sanding and varnishing a boat ate all about! Priceless!

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