Fun New Memories With A Classic Wood Sunfish Sailboat!

The latest Woody boater fun project, a 19?? Sunfish Sailboat. There is no plate on it with a serial number, but its 100% Sunfish.

The deck is t sheets of mahogany plywood fused together, The sides are solid mohogany. This specific boat is in perfect condition.

Yes, I know it has no motor or babes waving.. But its got beautiful lines as iconic as a barrel back. It’s another Sunfish Sailboat from the very early years of Sunfish. You may recall our story on one of these way back when a couple years ago.

Father and son fun with sunfish sailboats - this image is about 6 years old up on Avrial lake in Quimby Country VT

Well, we found another one, or i should say it found us. While selling our Skiffany to some neighbors one of the folks husbands just out of the blue said. OH like that sunfish, we have one of those.. I kinda thought, Oh, sure one of the old ratty fiberglass ones that weighs 2 tons.. I said, thats nice and we moved on.. A couple months later, he called, said did I want the Sunfish, they were going to haul it to the dump.. I asked if its was wood, he said yes.. I thought this can’t be.. These are rarer than Barrel Backs. They were used and abused and tossed aside.. Google it.. There is one in Texas, Atlanta and ours, and now this one. I am sure there are more out there, but regardless rare.. Sunfish during the first couple years made them out of wood and as a kit boat, even models.

This is the actual model I built with my Dad over 40 years ago. It sits on my office today.

My father brother and I built a kit boat found in the back of an old marina that was never sold and a cool model when I was in Jr. high.. I would pay 100K for that boat today. It has my signiture and my families and friends written in the hull. Was all brite work and as a memory one of the most wonderful winters of my hell teenage years. So, when I brought this home, I thought lets make this a fun winter in the office project. It has not failed to deliver. We have gotten it all stripped, and ready for some stain and varnish. Then we will have two classic Woody Sunfish sailboats. And these are 1000000 times more fun when two are out on the water, racing and flipping.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Very kewl boats. Cheap woodyboat fun…if you can find one.
    I enjoy the little boat stories just as much as the big ones, keep em coming.

  2. chad
    chad says:

    I’m gonna comment on this sailboat because it’s worthy of at least 10 comments. Wind-powered boats deserve a little respect. I had a blast as a kid on these things.

  3. chad
    chad says:

    Makes me want to sell my house and buy a bunch of Sunfish.

    Or maybe I’ll teach inner-city gangsters how to sail Sunfish to release all their aggression. That’d be fun.

    I might even sail around the world in one. Who’s with me?

  4. German serrano
    German serrano says:

    Love your boat, looks so great, so well and lovingly looked after. I’d love to build one, is it possible to buy a set of plans and building instructions?
    I’ve found plans for imitations, not the real thing.
    Thanks and congratulations.

  5. Lars
    Lars says:

    There is another wooden sunfish in Minnesota, It’s in my back yard!
    This has inspired me to get her back into sailing condition. Thanks

  6. Bob
    Bob says:

    I am considering selling my Alcort Sunfish. It is a hard decision to make but the time has come, I think. The boat is complete and original in all aspects. The deck is mahogany but the hull needs a new coat of paint. The sail and sheets are fantastic. Maybe it needs a new home?

  7. Bob
    Bob says:

    Hi Matt,

    The boat has been sitting outside since this pic but the sail and accessories have been in my garage. My direct email is if you choose to communicate with me that way. The boat is here in Pismo Beach.

    I hope this helps,


    • Mike
      Mike says:

      If you still have this wooden sunfish sailboat I would like to purchase it please text me or email me back regarding your sailboat I would need it shipped to Somerset New York my cell phone number is 716-417-2123 my name is Mike

  8. Jody
    Jody says:

    Hi I have an old sail fish. It’s at least 65 years old. I have all the parts sail it is little faded. And the haul could use a coat of paint. Everything original. Stored inside and hasn’t been uses in 30byear boat is in canada on lake erie. I’m trying to find it a new home. Someone that will e joys it. Not sure how much it’s worth. Let me know any thoughts.

  9. matt
    matt says:

    Thanks Jody, sadly they are not worth much. 300-600 bucks. there is one on ebay thats been for sale forever and thats a sunfish which are more. You may want to try ebay, that reaches the largest audience. And possibly your local Craigslist.. Also right now is the worst time of year to sell such goodiness. Wait until spring. Hope that helps. Matt

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