Gar Wood Product Verification Certificates From The Antique Boat Museum

Of course we all know that the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY is home to a large variety of gorgeous wooden boats and is a definite must on any enthusiast’s “bucket list”. But the thing that puts the icing on the boating cake is their library and archives. The Lou Smith Library and Marion Clayton Link Archives are home to a vast array of materials – from boat plans, to maps, and builders to regional history. One exceptional feature of the archives is the ability to access the Gar Wood production ledger and provide boat owners with their own Gar Wood Product Verification Certificates. If you provide the librarian with your hull number, the Library Archives can provide you with a signed and sealed certificate with the original information of your boat straight from the Gar Wood manufacturer.



Baccala is the last known surviving example of the 18’ split cockpit runabout that helped Gar Wood survive the Depression era. First produced in 1932, Gar Wood introduced a second version of the 18’ runabout featuring both cockpits forward of the engine in 1936.

While the original split cockpit version was also produced in 1936, the newer version proved more popular and as a result only three of the split-cockpit models were produced. After five years of production the split-cockpit 18-footer was finally discontinued. Baccala is one of the three that were built in 1936.

1981 photo of Miss Behave driven by Tony Mollica III with sister Mary as passenger


Miss Behave is a 16’ Gar Wood Speedster originally purchased by George Bourne in 1935. Miss Behave was delivered to the Thousand Islands along with other similar Speedsters purchased by members of the Thousand Islands Yacht Club. The boats were purchased as a means to resume the sport of gentlemen’s racing on the St. Lawrence River. Miss Behave has spent her entire life in the Thousand Islands.

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  1. Shep
    Shep says:

    Did you know that Tony Mollica originally had all the Gar Wood records after the plant shut down. At that point he started the Gar Wood Society. You can see he issued the original certificate back then.
    Then later Tony donated the records to the Antique Boat Museum.
    I have the same certification for Mom’s Mink that the original owner Jim Lundy had received from Tony also. I don’t recall the date now.
    The certification has a lot of info on it. Mom’s Mink was #82 out of 84 built. It was also deliver to Hall’s marina on lake George NY. last day Gar Wood shipped boats.
    I sent My info to the museum now I have a certification for the Gar Wood in our name also.
    Cool stuff! I’m glad Tony saved all those pieces of history.

    BTW Mom’s Mink will be some big show in Port Huron this fall if you are up for a ride?

    Greg what’s the name of that show coming up in September?

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