Getting Scarlet Ready For Sunshine And Funnel Cakes!


50 degrees and calm

On Saturday Jimmy Clif and I dropped Scarlett into the cold waters of the Chesapeake bay to get her journey started to Florida in 2 Days. We decided to swell her up for the drive since she has been sitting for about a year. That darn 430 VanNess Lincoln started right up and purred like a monster kitten.

Soakem Header

Headed to the boat house


At least the bilge stopped ish


Orea is waiting for the ride that wont happen just yet

Since she does still have her original bottom, we wanted to trailer her as tight as possible and plop her in the warm waters of Lake Dora for her final soak. The good news is she is a strong boat and looks like by last night things were getting tighter. Today is around 60 here in Reedville and we can work on her a little and enjoy the beginning of life here in the South East!

snow soak

7AM Sunday Morning! What a difference a day makes.

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    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      Matt, I can not say this is absolutely accurate, but I have been told that Ford developed a higher performance version of the Lincoln 430 and that was the 431. That was the Lincoln engine that was marinised for Chris Craft and other marine applications. Maybe someone else will chime in on the accuracy of this explanatiom

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