Getting started into Classic Boats?

If you are reading this, you are no doubt doing what countless folks
like myself have done. You come across an old Woody boat. In a garage
sale, ebay, car show and it hits you like a ton of bricks. Chances are
the boat costs 500 bucks. So what do you have to loose? The old guy or
grand son says, it was backed into the garage 20 years ago and it ran
fine. SOLD! Your hand is shaking as you drive home. That’s when your
brain takes over. Dear god. Will the trailer make it? What did I buy?
It’s made of plywood? But what brand is it? Who ever has heard of a ?????
craft. You back it into your garage with dreams of taking her out.
This is the place that most things come to a stop. Where do you go for
help? The Internet is a good place to start. Search what you know about
your boat. Chances are there is another person out there with the same
boat. In my case there were thousands. But on another dream boat I got.
No one. Great, now what? The ACBS Antique & Classic Boat Society.
Life savers. They are the central organization of all Antique and
classic boat related. There are a ton of books available, but the two that are a must read are from Dan Danneburg. How To Restore Your Wooden Runabout 1 and 2. For an understanding of what you are about to get into. The other book series is The Real Runabout by Bob Speltz, all 7 volumes. These can be purchased through the ACBS. It helps the ACBS and they had the best price to boot. Just a couple of months ago I bought an old 1948 Trojan boat. Could not find another on the web, in fact the web says it does not exist. But there it was in Bob’s book and now on this site.

Now, if you have not purchased one yet but have taken the bait. Contact some dealers. In the long run it may save you a small fortune. The links on the right side of this blog are some very reputable dealers. I have bought from many of them and met them all. Have what ever classic boat you are looking at checked out if you have the chance. Fixing a worthless boat costs the same as a collectable boat. Wood is wood and labor is labor.. But that is another story. You may also contact us here at WoodyBoats and we will gladly help you find folks in your area that can help.