Global HQ Update. And Backdate.

New gate, new sign.

While everyone was at boat shows, and fighting over the word COVID in a story. Not sure what that’s about, but while that’s been happening, I have been working on the Railway and Zoom Calls. Lots of Zoom calls. At one point one of my partners at work asked if I had been butchering animals.. LOTS OF RED PAINT SPLATTERING! YA YA, Anyway, You want pics, Okay, maybe you don’t, But I got pics.

Mr B now put the yard at the boat yard

Boats on the rail getting all dolled back up

Fence painted with Lexington Fence paint.

cleaning up.. With weed killer

The shed is getting some attention now

I wonder if she floats

The new Planned step up

having a boat on the rail completes the look

Then something hit me. It looked familiar.

Where have I seen this before.

mmmm. Same angle, same set up. Timeless!

Color corrected to match the painting

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  1. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    I really like the look of the stained fencing. defines but dosent distract… You do have the eye for color. Im always hamstrung when it comes to making those global decisions… Guess I should become better with Photoshop!
    And having a Deadrise on the rails really does complete the look!

    Gonna be great weekend so may head down to Topping to see people and cool stuff in person….

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