Good God, It’s Almost October! Get The Heck Out There.

last Gasp photo 200?

It’s Friday, I think, and its Late September. I suppose when your life by the weekends time marches on very fast, to fast. Here in Virginia the leafs are starting to change. Which means up in Michigan, they gotta be rock’n. And of course out west, it’s the sad orange smoky skies that are the color of the season. This year that combo though could be an amazing opportunity to get some insane wonderful sunset shots.

putt,putt,putt into fall


And with the fall colors, low light source and crisp air. POW! WOW! I guess the gist of todays story is take a camera with you. Or set up a shot. Many think all this is spontaneous. It’s not.

Bob Kays captured this last night on Lake Hopatcong. Bob’s in a Kayak. There, a new name. Bob Kayaks thats so much shorter than the Calendar for you name?

Go out in the day and find a spot. Maybe you already know a spot. Wait for the light, morning? sunset? Foggy mist with blue skies and yellow trees? It is a two boat deal BTW, so maybe you and a buddy go shoot each other. Okay wait. WITH A CAMERA. If you do go out there guns a-blazing, please take photos of that as well. I need the clicks. Then again, at all our ages, it’s mostly blanks. OUCH! SNAP! TMI? Ya didnt see that one coming? Oh. OUCH again, so sorry. That one was unintentional. Are you even reading anymore? And why? It’s like a train wreck isnt it. You know its bad, and yet here you are. Here we all are. GET OUT THERE. Before it’s too late. Sausage days ahead! Here is just a little taste. mmmmmmm Sausage Days!

Chemseal Toxic! Hey, you know this stuff will kill you, and no real need for a legal warning. I bet if you drank it, COVID wont happen to you. TAKE PHOTOS. We need the clicks

When they find your body floating, at least they will get an idea of what killed you!

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  1. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Up North Michigan
    Mullett Lake
    Summer up here is three months of bad ice. Just ask Jimmy Staib…….
    Go for a ride, now!!!!!

    • Reddog
      Reddog says:

      Murdoch, I was out puttin’on Indian and Crooked rivers today also. I didn’t get to see the fantastic sunset like you got to see but it was a super nice day. I even stopped at Howes marina to get gas in my little outboard woody. Beautiful day to be out on the water in northern Mi. Lots of other boaters cruising around. (Hi to the fella that was going to take the Gar Wood to dinner)

  2. Jeffrey Martinson
    Jeffrey Martinson says:

    Our local club has a lake excursion planned for tomorrow. Bad news is Hurricane Beta’s remnants are going to rain on us all day. Good news is the water levels are up.

    • Jim "the Lurker"
      Jim "the Lurker" says:

      Thanks Russ for the really great photo…Just curious…How did to decide on the name “Dimples”? Thanks again.

  3. Art
    Art says:

    Yesterday, I took Molly-O out for a cruise in the river and then to the old Algonac Chris Craft Plant , now the Algonac Harbor Club, for a fill up prior to the her winter lay up in a few weeks.
    And I didn’t shoot myself, not even a selfieshoot.

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