Graves Plating. Chrome From Heaven.

The Ritz Carlton. If you have ever stayed there you now that it’s service is perfect. The Ritz is the standard in the hospitality industry for service. They know that as hard as they try though things happen. And with that in mind, how they take care of the situation is more a testament to there service than any other thing. People define service by such things. A clean room and a smile is cost of entry. So why can not every company be like that? Well, its hard to do, and it costs money to back up your word. It’s tough to put yourself in the mind of your client or customer. And more and more with internet, personal service is becoming a lost art. Well, as you can tell from my previous post on my interior, that has been tested. I am OK now. I was a bit down and wondering why I have put my self and countless folks through this ordeal. As I trudged home and walked in the door, there in a box was pure joy. My faith was renewed in man kind. You see I had my chrome done 6 months ago at Graves Plating. I just opened the box last week and all was perfect. Out of 20 odd pieces, down to little nails it was all perfect, just like the Ritz. Except for one tiny little scratch aprox 1/32 of an inch. It was just missed in the process. I contacted Rod Graves and told him of it. I actually said I was Ok with it, but could he fix another for me for later. Without even a blink of an eye he asked for the part, and took care of it. One .. ONE week later there was the box sitting in my hallway. It’s perfect. No charge and done. The point of this ramble, is, that sort of service is rare, and deserves such a ramble. My hats off to Rod Graves. Thanks for being the best in the business. Woody Boater

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Woody Boater went to the right place for re-chroming. I, on the other hand, chose to work with a local chrome plating business that has built a good reputation working with antique auto restorers. The hardware looked great for a while. Some of it still does but the cleats are already wearing thin where ropes have worn through the thin stuff. The work was done just two years ago. Should have gone to Graves Plating.

  2. Ed F.
    Ed F. says:

    Rod Graves is as great a business person as he is a chrome plater. He asks many questions before, during and after the plating process to make sure that he and his customer are communicating at the same level. There are no surprises when dealing with Rod. He delivers a great product at a fair price and is very nice to deal with. In case you can’t tell, Iam sold on Graves Plating.

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