Hagerty Marine Insurance Does A Nice Ride Along With Fellow Woody Boater Bill Anderson.

bill anderson video

Screen shot from Video

Thanks to Hagerty for making today a wonderful Friday and lead into a great Memorial Day Weekend. We had featured some of the stills of Bill Anderson’s 1959 South Seas Samoan.

bill anderson ride 2

Now we can hear Bill tell the story as we see how she rides and runs. By the way, Bill Anderson is one of the nicest most generous folks we know. Thanks Bill. So without further adooo. Ladys and germs, Hagerty brings you Bill.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That was a fun little video to go with a fun little boat.

    They should do a “Ride along with Paul” video to advertise their roadside assistance products.

  2. Walt
    Walt says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing. After seeing the pictures earlier on Woody Boater, it’s nice to see the boat actually moving on the water and see so many different angles inside and out. Of course the short video makes us long for more.

  3. pat chaps
    pat chaps says:

    Great video of boating on the St. Clair river during the Mich. Chapter Show June of 2014.
    This years Show is in Algonac June 26-27-28.
    There will be 3 different cruises during the show, it’s a great opportunity to run your boat along the same stretch of water that Chris Craft ran to test their new designs.

    Hope to see you in Algonac.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Nice video and a beautiful restoration. Amazing considering all the shapes this hull has. That must have been one helluva mold to get right when they manufactured that creation. Interesting stern poles? on the Merc twins.

  5. John A. Gambill
    John A. Gambill says:

    Nice vide0l! Bill is a super friend and always willing to share info as well as being very good at having a good time! Bill has told ne that he will be at Algonac again this year with something very special for us all to enjoy once again! All of us in the Michigan chapter are eager to see what Bill drags in to the event, you can be she will be a beauty!.
    To all of your glassheads out here reading this, come and join us again this year for a fun filled weekend on some of the most beautiful water you will ever boat on in your life!
    When we think of boating on a river many times we think of dirt brown water well, not this river, it’s crystal blue clear water like you would expect to see in the Bahamas, just beautiful boating, nothing better anywhere. It’s going to be a big show this year celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Michigan Chapter so not a show to miss, if at all possible come and really have a good time with us!

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      And the Center of the WoodyBoater Universe is going to be reporting live with coffee cups from the Algonac show. It doesn’t get any better than that. WooHoo!!!!

  6. Cobourg Kid
    Cobourg Kid says:

    Very Very cool Boat and Video ,but those twin Merc dock breakers, well they are the icing on that blue and white cake .

    Perhaps our good friends at Hagerty Marine Insurance might consider rolling a bunch of these clips into an actual half hour Classic Boat Show?

    The recipe?

    Find some quirky, and opinionated ( I say that in the kindest way possible) classic boat restorationists (based on this blog there are plenty of them) add in standard oddball humor over-the-top opinions, mix with everyday shenanigans and temper tantrums that occur when trying to piece something back together without any new or resto parts available and in the end you end up with pure mahogany (or fiberglass) video gold

    • Warren
      Warren says:

      I don’t believe those are dockbusters…..there are two control cables going to each engine

      • Randy
        Randy says:

        … you’re right, those engines are too new to be what is ‘lovingly’ called the dock-buster. As a kid I got to drive a friends boat numerous times that had one of those things — but it was a new engine at that time. My family had always been Johnson owners, but that Merc 60 ran smooth as silk, idled smoothly, and ALWAYS re-started in reverse when needed. It amazed me!!!!!

  7. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    super cool. thats the type of classic glass that make you look twice. Hargerty did a nice job pointing this out in the video, Thanks Bill for taking the time to save it.

  8. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    THanks again for the nice comments on this Tupperware boat,hahah,it was a great shoot and a lot of fun but they wanted me at 15 mph for over an hour,, I did kick it a couple time,,they are not dock buster they are shift,early 60s but I did cheat and put power trim/tilt,,It will do 50 at 5200 rpm,,that is enough..also we now know of 4 of these big boys thanks Bill

  9. Roger Martin
    Roger Martin says:

    Bill, Very cool boat I never get tired of looking at your great restorations, hope to see you soon.

  10. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    “All of my boats are weird looking and low production.” LOL!! Love that quote. You don’t by any chance have one of those “weird” slant-back windshield CCs do you? That’s about as weird as a Woody can get!! Love that South Seas Samoan! Can’t wait to see what you bring to Algonac this year!

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