Håkan Hås A Råre Cårb!

Carb tag in question

The other day we did a small feature story on Håkens Cårb, and he wanted to know if is carb was a true carb to his Chris Craft. No one could find the Carter Number on the tag in the Carter Manuals, and even more strange, the number stamped into the carb had been grinded off. Growned off? Grouned Off? Anyway, you get the drift. Someone took a grinder to it.

I had to spell check Intelligence

So we enlisted the WBIA Our Secret Network of Engineers, PhD’s, and General old engine freaks.  But this one took time. Old bulletins from Chris Craft, manuals, and some help from old books. In other words. big brains who have access to stuff that is deep in the weeds of old file cabinets. All so Håkens Cårb tag can know where she came from.

Grinded off

See closer, The little red lines are where the number was stamped in

So enough Woody. Whats the answer? HEY HEY HEY.. Wait one darn second. Calm down or I will create a part two for tomorrow just to tease and entertain you.. Okay me.

More numbers

So it turns out, the tag is real but not real. The number is a Chris Craft Number and tag added to a Carter carb. With larger Jets for a higher performance engine. 350 hp. Chris Craft ground off the number on the carb and set up a number system similar to Carter Numbers which is where the confusion comes from. The number system does not follow the Chris Craft number protocol. but does follow the carter one.

There it is, in BW

We look everywhere!

Don’t think for one second we cant find an answer to anything with our team of secret agents.They hang out in plain sight. Mostly at boat show. So not really in large crowds these days.. OUCH… Anyway, that’s it. Håken is so excited that the temperature in Sweden rose by 1 degree today. Its a whopping 25 instead of 24 today! Woohoo.. hey, its dark by 2:30, so give the guy  a break for being excited over a carb number.


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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    All top secret. It was another teams effort. Jim was on assignment in the great white north relocating with Jaxon

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      I tried to find the tread on Boat Buzz, but I guess it was actually taken down. Found lots of references to Joe Martel but note the thread your story talks about.

  2. Hugger69 aka Håkan aka Haken aka Hakan
    Hugger69 aka Håkan aka Haken aka Hakan says:

    Haha, you’re spot on Matt!
    Actually the temp went from freezin 6F to a whopping 39F in a a couple of hours this morning…could have something to do with this carbish! 🙂

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