Håkan Needs A Hånd With His Cårb!


That’s one cool Chris Craft

Fellow Woody Boater Håkan Pettersson from Sweden needs some Merrrican help. He has some carb issues. Well, we all have carb issues. For example I had to much bread last night and feel a little gassy… TMI? Okay, back to Håkan’s carb issues. Here is his note, it explains it far better than I?

The engine!

Hi guys,
I have written to you before and now I really need some help to identify the original carb for the 350 FLV HP engine in my 1971 Chris Craft XK-19!

It’s a Hris -Craft. That might explain some of this? No? I need some toast.. BREAD!

The engines is a matching number to the hull and I believe that its the same with the carb.

She likes carbs too

We ´re doing a restoration of the carb and it has been sent to a specialist here in Sweden called Carbguy, perfect name huh? 😉


The carb we have has tag stamped with ”6281” and a ”S” on and its attached to the carb on the top and we believe that it started out as a Carter AS 6117S and that Chris Craft did some magic to it with different injectors, needles and a lot of other stuff to make a marine version off that car carb.


Chris craft also grinned the Carter serial number and production of the carb body but we have seen the rest of the number and it´s a carb produced in December 1971 and that matched the boat build perfectly.

The beast

My guys at the carb shop really wants to know how this original Chris Craft 6281S was equipped when leaving the yard for making as good restoration as possible!


More numbers

Can you help me here to spread the words in your widely known boating scene because somewhere out there somebody know and have the facts we are looking for.

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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    isn’t that the famous Carter AFB…..”A Female Butt”
    Those were gas hogs….just sayin…..

    John in Va

  2. Jim G
    Jim G says:

    Call Daytona Parts Company in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

    Talk to Ron. He can answer all the questions about it.

  3. Hakan
    Hakan says:

    Haha: thanks for all answers so far butt nothing really new there huh? 😉
    Matt, really appreciate your Swedish twist I today’s headliner! 😀

  4. tom
    tom says:

    That’s an AVS, not an AFB.(air valve secondary).Couldn’t tell you if it’s correct or not for the application.The Carburtor Shop in Eldon, Missouri has lots of kits and info, does show worthy restorations.

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