Presidents Day Rerun Of A Rerun. Why? Because No One Really Cares.


Teddy paddling some big sticks

TODAY I AM RUNNING THIS OLDER STORY ON PRESIDENTS DAY. And RUNNING IT AGAIN. Like A RE RUN RERUN WHY? Well, this seems to be a day no one really agrees on, and further more, I am including the comments so you don’t even have to comment if you don’t feel like it. See, and no one will complain. Then again if you do. Thats always fun. Oh boy..

LBJ and Fam

It’s Monday and a holiday. Shouldn’t we be out on a boat someplace? Oh wait, it’s February. What a waste of a holiday. Not that we shouldn’t appreciate our leaders, but could we have done this possibly in warmer months so we can “appreciate” them out on a boat?

LBJ and Herb

I don’t think that is Ike raceing

Taft… between meals

Hold on here, before you start babbling on about Washington’s Birthday.. It’s the 22nd. So they/we move the holiday around anyway. And it’s not like Washington and other Presidents did not like boating.

Exhibit A for my argument. I mean come on!

So, let’s start a movement. Not the kind after a good cup of Coffee varnish BTW. I mean a political movement.  LET’S HAVE A PRESIDENT’S DAY SO WE CAN GO BOATING….Without freezing. COME ON, who’s on board? NO POLITICS PLEASE..

Myrtle and Viola agree BTW

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    • Floyd r turbo
      Floyd r turbo says:

      Great point Bob. If you were going to add a day change it to more enjoyable date as part of your presidential platform

  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Why one day? There have been 45 Presidents to date, and while obviously no one likes them all in these polarized times, most of us like half of them. I would suggest we celebrate 22.5 Presidents’ Days centered between late July and early August.

        • Larry Forget
          Larry Forget says:

          The top yellow GLASTRON pic of LBJ was a funny club ID as club member found in a Junk Yard and learned the engine was 427 cu in . Texas factory did not offer that model , but new owner finally prove special order to President.

        • Mike D
          Mike D says:

          See Matt it works, you can take the next zillion days off and just rerun old stories. You could sit on the beach for weeks and no one would know. Go for it.

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      The wooden, presidential yacht Kennedy used, the Honey Fitz, began its life commissioned by Sewell Avery. Sewell’s summer cottage was in Hessel, Michigan and remains in the family. The boat was often anchored up there. It was too large to moor at local marinas. Sewell ran US Gypsum and Montgomery Ward, building the latter into a prominent retailer. Sewell’s yacht served 5 U.S. Presidents.

  2. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    Years ago I read something about a Army officer Vincent Lyman who was charged with the responsibility to design and supervise the construction of the boats that crossed the river under the command of General Washington. Was he related to the Lyman family that built the Lyman boats we know today? Anybody

    • Wood Shop Teacher
      Wood Shop Teacher says:

      Put you in a room full of 35 kids all day, you would need time off too. Bless those teachers👩‍🎓

    • briant
      briant says:

      Yeah, those so called free 45 days off cancel out the 45 weekends they spent grading papers and lesson planning on THEIR OWN TIME. Yeah, those damn spoiled teachers….

      And now due to Covid, all we hear is that the kids are years behind in school….which can only mean that the PARENTS could not care for and assist in educating their children for just one school year. Yeah, those damn spoiled teachers….

      The position of a teacher is not just of an educator, but also one of being a babysitter, a counselor, a referee, a nurse, a bureaucrat, oh and one that will lay down their life in a vain attempt to protect your child from the psycho with the AK47 whos right to own that weapon is more important than the right to live a life in peace. Yeah, those damn spoiled teachers.

      Hey, here is an idea, if you think teaching such a cushy easy job with too many days off, why don’t you ACTUALLY BECOME ONE and show them all how it should be done.

      Yeah those damn teachers.

  3. Kenneth J. Rawley
    Kenneth J. Rawley says:

    I was lucky to charter, for a series of corporate events, The Presidents, the former presidential yacht, now … again… known as the Honey Fitz. The CEO said to me, the day I left for vacation: “come back with an idea to have a series of events for high net worth customers. Have a nice vacation”. I considered chartering a/the Concord jet (too confined and could not schmooze); a train of private luxury cars (ditto). Then I recalled seeing the Honey Fitz years earlier at a restaurant on the Connecticut River, and I called the White House; within 30 seconds they gave me the contact number for the yacht’s charter company. I charted it from Sean Kennedy and he brought it up the Hudson from W. 23rd St. in NYC to Albany. (Also docked at W. 23rd: Malcom Forbes’s The Highlander, and Al Capone’s former yacht). Pictured below is the yacht now after a major refit a few years ago by Jim Moores. I saw the finished yacht at Rybovich and it brought back fond memories.

  4. Bill
    Bill says:

    Being new to this forum, and perhaps not up to speed on latest acronyms. What does BTW stand for ?

    Dry docked Bill

  5. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    President Taft’s nephews built a log cabin that my friends own on Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. (It’s so cool.) He visited it on multiple occasions, but there is no evidence he ever got stuck in the bathtub.

  6. Jim Holler
    Jim Holler says:

    FE Partners won a $700,000 settlement award against the Virginia shipyard on February 22, 2019, and then began the process of removing Sequoia from the railway, placing her on a barge and transporting the barge from Virginia to Maine. In September 2019, the Sequoia was first moved by barge from Deltaville, Virginia, to Cambridge, Maryland and then during October, from Cambridge, Maryland to Belfast, Maine where Sequoia arrived on October 22, 2019, to begin its restoration by French & Webb Inc for an undisclosed price.

  7. Royce Humphreys
    Royce Humphreys says:

    JFK and Jackie had Buehler Turbocrafts, specifically a Jet 35 18′. There is footage of JFK driving it with his son on his lap. The Secret Service also had Turbocrafts for their fleet in keeping watch over the first family.
    When LBJ was president, the Secret Service used Donzi’s as there boat of choice to chase after LBJ in his Glastron.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

      I had a friend who was stationed on the Presidential yacht during the Johnson years. He loved talking about those Donzi’s. He said they had 2 Hullman Moody race built 427 Fords. He said it was the best part about being in the Navy. Sure beat polishing all that brass on the boat.

  8. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Back during the start of the Revolutionary War, the British had trapped Washington’s troops in Brooklyn Heights. They were backed up to the East River and were outnumbered 4 to 1. Washington summoned Colonel John Allen of Massachusetts who led a force of Massachusetts fisherman that were tasked to row the trapped troops, horses and canons across the East River in their boats without alerting the British troops. Fortunately more than a thousand troops were transported in long boats including canon and horses. Can’t imaging how you transport horses across the water in long boats AND canon and ammunition I would imagine. washington tasked hundreds of troops to make minimal noise as if the troops had bivouacked in Brooklyn.

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    The southern tip of Manhattan was where the troops were moved where they could regroup. Had they not been saved by Col John Allen, the war probably would have ended then as the British Navy was also patrolling the Hudson. Fortunately, that night, heavy cloud cover helped obscure the retreat to safety. At daybreak, there were still a hundreds pf troops left and fortunately, fog rolled in to further obscure their retreat during daybreak.

  10. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Wow, a lot of pretty wild comments on the original story. You can tell we were all going COVID crazy!

  11. Dan Overbeek
    Dan Overbeek says:

    Wow! Somehow I previously missed all this wisdom! The things you learn on WoodyBoater! I think the stories often get better with age(not that the new stories are no good, the old stories were new at one time). You should do this more often! I laughed until I cried! The comments were fantastic! Thank you everyone!

  12. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Comments from 2020, 2022, and now 2024.

    See you in 2026 I guess?!?!?

    It just keeps going round and round.

  13. Brock
    Brock says:

    One of my favorites comes from page 84 of Legends Of Chris Craft book showing FDR sitting in a motorcade with a 4,000 lb Chris Craft sedan hanging over his head. Yikes.

  14. Max Mueller
    Max Mueller says:

    Didn’t JFK and Jackie have a Hydrodyne Ski Boat? My President’s Day memory is first day of basic training at Fort Bragg, 1970. I refuse to use its new name!
    Crossing the Coldwater River.

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