We Interupt This Winter For More Breaking News – It’s Only 4 Weeks til Lake Dora!

Through all the crushed boats, this one name seemed rather ironic now. Dear god, if there was ever a transom name this is it!

Through all the crushed boats, this one name seemed rather ironic now. Dear god, if there was ever a transom name this is it!

OH CRAP! While looking at more images from Hopatcong it dawned on us…That’s right, in just 4 weeks its lake Dora time. Really. 4 weeks! We have all been so focused on snow, disasters, restorations, polar vortex’s that we have missed that time just keeps marching on. The thought of lake Dora seems like its months away..

Correct Craft is the feature boat for the Sunnyland show in 4 weeks.

Correct Craft is the feature boat for the Sunnyland show in 4 weeks.

NO!  Its ONE month a way. In global history terms, its tomorrow.  And if you want to go to the races, its 3 weeks! YIKES. Have you made plans yet? no? Really? Now is the time. And YOU ARE GOING! No, “the wife wants me to weed the garden”, or “I have never been so I don’t know what to do or where to stay.”

Lake Dora fun! Are you sure you want to stay home?

Lake Dora fun! Are you sure you want to stay home?

If you want us to hold your hand, today is the day. Operators are standing by to give advice on where to stay, what to do and how to do it. Whats fun and whats funner. TRUST US!  So today is the day you get your tickets, hotel room, and motivation to live.. At least for four more weeks! We are going to be there with exclusive t shirts sold only at Lake Dora, Pumpkin will be there, Correct crafts, Donzis, Race boats, Chris Crafts Rivas, it ALL there. Including YOU, you pasty white thing! You can find out more here at the Sunnyland Website.

Post your questions in the comment section and the world will guide you in from the winter hell.

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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    I am sooooo ready!

    Sandi (my boatress) and I have never been, but with the help of the Woodyboater “Bored of Directors” (not sure as taking their advise is always a wise idea) we are booked and ready to go.

    Jim Staib has promised to bring some boarding ladders for me to look at.

    We are even joining up with the St. Johns Southbound Cruise for the day on Tuesday!


  2. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    It was almost 60 degrees over the weekend and now it’s snowing again! I’m ready for my Monito at the Copa Cabana! Lake Dora or bust!

  3. Kim Kadimik
    Kim Kadimik says:

    “Think Snow” , Natashia’s first Chris~Craft, a 1962 16′ Custom Ski w/283. Delivered new to Lake Hopatcong.

  4. mike k
    mike k says:

    delema time!!! house rented in fort myers with plastic sea ray boat!

    do i go boating or drive 3.5 hours each way to see some wood and hope to boating?

    hmmmmmmmm, i wonder how pathetic i can look in hopes someone invites me for a woodie ride (or an orange ride).

    well, wait and sea how the weather is.


  5. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    We have been ready since DECEMBER, the last time we saw our lawn!!! With 2 feet of the same snow that fell in December and January still in my yard, I am sick of looking at WHITE STUFF.
    The little Lake N’ Sea is over at Canvas Kings shop, getting fit with a new full mooring/traveling cover this week. Then my new shift controls arrive and we install them, then we are on our way South.
    We leave on the 19th for a side trip to Charleston, S.C. to see our youngest granddaughter (2) then over to St Augustine, FL to see some friends, then arrive in Lake Dora on Wednesday night the 26th. Just in time for the parties to start!!!

  6. john crary
    john crary says:

    to the group who can’t decide___you gotta go! it’s a great venue, great boats and , well, you just gotta do it. Be sure to hit the 2nd floor of Al’s landing for the panorama of the launch site. AND..the town pier is almost done. wait til you see this thing. it’s a 1920esque pier house with a restaurant, wedding spot ,strolling dock area, etc. i think it’s almost done. saw it a month ago when i was there for the CRA event.
    just go!!!

  7. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    Even in Florida where there has been no snow we are ready for it…but I clicked on your hotel site which lists Daytona, Ft. Walton, Panama City, Pensacola and Lake Buena Vista, none of which are within walking distance of Tavares. Inn on the Green is probably closest unless the new place on site has room. Inn is not really resort quality but it is fairly close and how much time are you going to spend in a hotel room ?

    Now…Does anybody know of a rental car agency in Tavares ? Closest I could find is Hertz or Rent-a-Wreck in Leesburg.

    Troy:..Al and I will be looking for you on the Southbound cruise. It should be fun…always is..

  8. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I booked our flights last night, house has been rented for months already. Arrive March 14, depart April 1. No boat this year, but will be hitching rides. The damn vortex is still here, and will be asserting itself with a special vigor this weekend – -30C on the way starting tomorrow night for about 5 days. Thinking ahead even past the Sunnyland show, I have registered for the Keels and Wheels Concours at Seabrook in early May as well.

  9. john crary
    john crary says:

    looked at the pic again and that boat..”Think Snow” used to belong to Steve Pesco(i think), that worked at Wayne’s for many years. He’s passed on now, but that boat is a rememberance of a great guy on Lk Hopatcong and a guy that did a lot for antique boats in that area. Remembering Steve….godspeed.

  10. Tom
    Tom says:

    Flights booked CHECK
    Rental car CHECK
    Hotels booked CHECK
    Race Boat show CHECK
    South Bound Cruise CHECK
    Boat Show CHECK
    Ride in Pumpkin NOT CONFIRMED

    Looks like I am ready. Even bringing along my Financial Advisor (WIFE) this year.

    See you there.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        I got a direct flight from Roc to Orlando with Southwest. That will let me stop by the office for a couple hours Thursday AM and I can leave Monday AM and still work a half day that afternoon.

  11. Martin
    Martin says:

    I think that its great that Correct Craft is the feture make this year at Dora. Would love to get more info on Correct Craft and why you do not see may at ACBS shows? I heard that it was because many were not planked boats and fell in disrepair and were scraped over the years. Does anyone know of a book or any info on Pre-War Correct Craft boats? Just some thoughts. —-M

    • Alan
      Alan says:

      Martin, I don’t think any reference material for Correct Crafts really exists. Best place is just the knowledge pool over at Correctcraftfan.com. Many of Correct Crafts boats were indeed plywood and I’m sure the value of most of them certainly didn’t warrant much of an investment once they needed repair. With that said though we have commitment for about 20 pre 75 Correct Crafts, not all wood but there will some very unique boats there. We’ll be towing our 1955 Hemi Hurricane down from Chicago for it’s first real showing.

    • Troy
      Troy says:

      We have one on Cobbossee named “Big and Fast”.

      Nice twin engine planked boat.

      I have also been told the planked Correct Craft’s were double planked up the sides and the outer planks were attached from the inside so there are no bungs. I will be looking for that at the show.

      • Dane
        Dane says:

        Do you have any more photos of this boat? There is a 23′ Utility in Speltz vol 2, but I never knew that there was a triple.

      • Alan
        Alan says:

        Troy You are correct all planked Correct crafts are double planked but I’ve never seen one that wasn’t fastened and bunged from the outside.

  12. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    These guys have some great prices for flights, I don’t work for them, have no connection, but a lot of ppl don’t know about Airtran (they’ve been bought out by Southwest) but still offer great deals until assimilated by SW. I’ve flown them in and out of ATL which along with Orlando is/was one of their hubs. One of the first to offer 1 way fares and they’ve got deals going now. Hope this helps save some $$$. See you guys/gals there. If there’s anything I can do to help let me know: http://www.airtran.com/Home.aspx

  13. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Wilson and I look forward to meeting Troy and others on the St. Johns River Cruise – Southbound the week before the Sunnyland Boat Festival and at the Show. Be sure to stop by the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club booth and say “Hey” while in Tavares.

    Club members and guests are invited to The Big White Tent Saturday at 1:30 PM for informal announcements, introductions, refreshments, photos and lots of visiting. Stop by!!!

  14. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Anyone have a suggestion on how to rent or borrow a boat for the weekend? WoodyGal suggested I buy one at the field of dreams and leave it in Florida until next year, but if my wife finds out…

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        Sounds like a great idea. How much fuel could it possibly burn in a three day weekend?

        I was thinking that I could save hotel money and rent a pontoon boat and sleep Texx style in Paul’s boat house. Pumpkin would be have a bit more class but is there enough room to sleep in her?

        • floyd r turbo
          floyd r turbo says:

          I borrowed a friends boat with the stipulation that I put 4 coats of varnish on it. I’ll dry it off on the southbound St John’s River Cruise, then to Tavares, but he doesn’t have to know that, lol.

  15. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    We are driving down from NJ with hotel booked Thurs through Sun. First time there, no boat, don’t know anybody in real life (only virtual). Looking forward to seeing great boats and making new friends. Maybe buy some parts for my project boat.

    Denis D

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      We stayed at the Best Western out on the main Highway north of town with out dog last year. Nice new place.

  16. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

    Well I booked a room for the week, then my wife mentioned that its our 25th anniversary and we are going on a cruise-Ill be thinking of you Paul H. Happy wife , well hopefully it will get me more points down the line.

  17. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    There is a booklet that sumarizes Correct Craft’s history. Ralph Maloon gave me one last year and I loaned to Al Benton…Al, you still have it or did I get it back ? If you want, I’ll ask Maloon if he’ll bring some with him when he comes..

    As for dogs…Try Inn on the Green…They let me stay there last year, so I can’t imagine they would be offended by a dog.

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      The book is “Parting The Waters” by James Vincent. It contains the entire history of the company which started building boats in 1925 as the Florida Variety Boat Company in Pine Castle just outside Orlando. In 1930 the name changed to Pine Castle Boat & Construction Company. In 1937 the boats were referred to as Correct Craft but was not incorporated in that name until 1947.

      The book is sub-titled How Vision and Faith Make Good Business and was published by Moody Publishers, 820 N. LaSalle Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60610.

  18. Don Ayers
    Don Ayers says:

    I’m still working on the Riva (interior) so no boat this year…again.

    But I’ll be there working CCABC tent and doing photo shoots.

    Can’t wait

  19. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Dennis and other newbies: make up a large name tag….like I do each year….mine says JOHN ROTHERT, jfrprops, John in Va.
    That way folks waling around can spot friends from the site that they have never seen or met.
    M-fine…we need to meet at the show…I too am doing direct to Orlando on thurs and out on mon…..
    for hotel recommendation: I have started staying at the Comfort Inn in Eustis Fla…..clean and ok…like Wilson says…you won’t be spending time in a hotel anyway.
    John in Va.

  20. matt
    matt says:

    We stay at the lakeveiw in right at the show. We have also stayed at the Mission Inn. Very nice and affordable, may even have a special ACBS show rate. ASK! Also the show is waiving some late fees right now, so ask! Also if you stay in Mt Dora there is ALWAYS an excuse to come and go by water. Just stay someplace, it all works out. We will have our own tent next to Hagerty and i think the guys from Fiberclassics are there as well. So the gang will all be there in one area. Everyone hangs out and has fun..

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