Home Made Woody Boat Up For Auction This Weekend

Fresh barn find. A sweat homemade 22 footer …. Been sit’n in the barn for some time. Have a closer look at the trailer, I understand the builder of the boat and trailer was a plumber… I suppose the boat has the kitchen sink in it as well. No caulk, just wax toilet ring stuff. He used to “flush” the motor out…badoomchi! All kidding aside If you are interested the boat actually is supposed to be a solid boat and is up for auction this weekend here in Virgina. It comes with a very strong V8 and maybe a plunger? Click here if you want more info.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Well, the boat does little for me, but the old International Harvester Metro delivery truck is pretty cool. I remember vehicles like that as milk trucks when I was a kid.


  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Matt, got a kick out of this post. I ran across this boat in this guy's back yard while trying to locate a 17' deluxe 48 – 50's modle CC with kbl motor in it a few years ago. Never found the CC but heard it went north. The hunt is half the fun.
    Phil, Va.

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