How Large Is The Woody Boater Universe?


Thanks Bill for the photo from yesterday!

Yesterday we spoke about the Woody Boater Effect and it got me thinking,  how many of us are out there?  We think the culture is shrinking, but is it?  Club membership is no longer a measure of size since many younger people don’t join clubs or go to boat shows. But they do spend time on Instagram, the web, and more importantly, out on the water in their cool boats. They like getting together in smaller more informal gatherings, and are not to hung up on the the way things used to be, but rather the art of age and coolness. So how many of us are out there? Well, this year from November to November Woody Boater has had 300,000 different people visit Woody Boater. Over 60% of those people return which is a good sign. So that means around 200,000 people.  They have viewed the site around 2 million times.  Now hold on. This is not our server stats which are way out there. Like 10 million. These are good numbers that match several sources for measurement. Slightly up from last year, except around Aug and Sept of 2015 which was insane. Two things happened. CBS Sunday Morning did a feature on us, and the Woods And Water event. Which tells us one huge thing.

Awareness is an issue, not interest. We need to keep pushing our passion to the outside world. And that is why we are here. To be here on the web when they are interested, and inviting.

Over all readership is up. And the average age of our readers is the youngest in the category. Facebook is also up organically to 17,000 likes and so is Instagram. Up to over 8,000, all without really trying. So its interest in the culture that is driving people, and WoodyBoater is set to be there for you and them. FOR FREE! That way people can enjoy the friendship and fun with everyone. A huge thanks to all the readers you come by and play along. It’s going to be a cold winter, and we are here to remind everyone. It’s always warm in Woodyboaterville!

Small spontaneous gatherings. “Splashmobs” Are fun and the future for growth

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  1. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    It would be interesting to know how many users actually own and operate a wooden boat or if their just curious. I currently own three woodies. Two cruisers and a skiff. OUCH!

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Dan thats a great question, we know that on WoodyBoater we get a ton of people who like the boats, dream, and are at the awareness stage of the process. Which leads to buying a boat and more boats, and more boats. Like Potato chips. You can’t just have one.

      • Eric Bohman
        Eric Bohman says:

        Potato chips? I like that. . .you CAN’T have just one! They are also like puppies. . .following me home.

  2. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    Is that 300,000 unique visitors stat really 300,000 different devices checking in? For instance, I check WB from my phone, iPad and MacBook, sometimes all in the same day.

    I don’t challenge your stats, but as a simple woodworker I wonder how “they” know how old people are and all that and who’s checking in from what device.

  3. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Web site/Facebook sites can balloon their numbers in multiple ways. Acbs & club membership is around 10,000. Which leads me to guess there is about 20,ooo antique/classic boats. This number will not grow regardless of the internet/blogs/tweets. The WB universe is finite; better described as a remote island. All the current “growth” is from the inclusion of classic fiberglass boats and owners. I deduce the 200,000 “woody boaters” mostly find it easier to surf 🏄🏼‍♀️from the couch than engage the real world. I visit the NASA site and will not have a space station any time soon. 🚀

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      I agree that there is a finite population of antique/classic woodies, other than a very small number of contemporaries that may still be built. However, what we need is a new generation of caretakers to restore and take care of those 20,000 boats, plus some additional classic glass, when you and I are no longer able to carry the load. That’s why it is so important to attract the younger folks and make them feel welcome.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    Both of you make great points. According to one set of stats we get 30% of traffic on phone, up from 5% three years ago, and around 10% on ipads. So 40% come on computers. I would also imagine that its based on IP adresses, and certanly the phone and ipad and different computers used could effect these numbers. So you are kinda right. With all that said, we have server numbers that are every click, and thats insane, because of robots and other stuff. Its crazy, and my point is, it isnt the around 10,000 based on club numbers. Its anyone raising there hand that is interested, who by the way are our targets. No point in running an ad in a magazine or website that doesnt at least cultivate readers and yes looky lous.

  5. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    Purely subjective and with no scientific data to support, my personal observation from 70+ summers on Lake George NY is that I’ve seen more woodies in recent years than say, 15 years ago. Some are modern replicas of course but many are originals and also with the unmistakable sound of original power, like our own K.

    The area is loaded with “restorers” and it’s just plain my observation that I see a lot more woodies than I used to. Not sure how you can put that in your Data Base! (Negative response—I see more pontoons too.)

  6. Red dog
    Red dog says:

    The woodyboater universe is a number 8 turned sideways. ( just like the real life universe). In a big part due to this website.

  7. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    How many unique daily or weekly visitors? I think the group that comes every day or once or more a week are likely high interest owners or prospective owners. The 200,000 that come a few times a year are likely only marginally interested. They are a ripe for targeted marketing but many if not most will never own a wooden boat.

    I do believe there are FAR more boats out there than show attendees or club members. If you could get the state DMV’s to cooperate, you might get a good count of how many are in active use, but there are many more in restoration or in storage waiting for restoration.

  8. Martin
    Martin says:

    The woodyboater universe includes countries outside the US/North America too though, do you know what the geographical distribution looks like? Posted from Sweden.

  9. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    I will propose three categories of readers:

    Dreamers– want to own a boat
    Doers– do own a boat or more than one
    Doners– they’re done, ready to sell the boat to the Dreamers

    WoodyBoater takes care of all of us…

    Thanks Matt!

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      The US is 80% of readership, Michigan and NY are the largest in the US. Canada is about 8% and the rest of the planet is the other 2%. 80% men BTW.

      Daily is around 4000-5000 veiws a day with around 1000, 1500 people a day visiting. They click on an average of two things. Which one of those could be a banner. Most click to the boat buzz with over 45,000 clicks a year. And yes, mfine, about half the readers come to the story of the day, and the rest are here from searching over 4500 stories. Very few come from Facebook to be honest. We get more from Pinterest, and we dont even try there. Havent pined a photo in three years. HA, but others do, which is a dreamer move, so yes, many many dreamers, and thats the sweet spot for marketers. You get to help them find stuff, join stuff and join the party here.

        • Tommyholm
          Tommyholm says:

          12% is the rest of the Universe. 30% phone + 10% iPads + 40% computers = 20% rocket ships & other drive buys.

        • Matt
          Matt says:

          Ya, something like that. Hre it is as of today right off the system.
          82.88% USA
          8.09% Canada
          1.17% Australia
          .97 from UK
          .77% from Sweden
          .66% Germany
          .43 Netherlands
          .43 Norway
          .38 France
          .38 New Zealand
          Now leave me alone

  10. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    LOL at you guys checking the math! Matt’s percentages are a lot like his spehling. Close enough to get the general idea.

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