“I Am Going To Need To Shower To Get The Stench Off”

She has a bionic schnoz!

The Boatress and her nose have been decades of comments regarding my old stuff. Even when we first started dating, I owned a 1963 Porsche 356 and I was reminded how it smelled. So. here is the question of the day.

The sun was setting. Brisk ride

If you take a ride in a boat called STINKY! You shouldn’t be surprised that it.. well. STINKS! Her name is like a contract. Our little racer delivers for all the senses. Have a boat called Lightning? And you get shocked? Thats the deal.

Leaving a trail of history’s aroma

One of my observations is any vehicle before the 1980’s stinks. Oil, fumes, all of it. It’s all part of it. In an odd way, its a smell of my childhood and teen years. Its normal. We have come a long way in emissions release. Like no smoking in public places. Now you can smell someone smoking from across the room, where going to a restaurant back in the day it was part of the normal smell.


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I will add, that smell aside for her, we had a wonderful boat ride, and for a brief moment, all was well, even with the smell!

She is happy, so I am happy!

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  1. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Haha. I remember my 63 356 and 65 912 smells well. That oil leaking on the heater boxes was always a part of winter. The dates might complain but still prefer I pick them up in the Porsche rather than the Volvo wagon that had clean heat!

  2. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Yep, it’s called a “Visceral Experience”.
    We have that at our marina with the smells AND sounds of a working waterfront. Oil, varnish, wood, gas, wind, rain, paint, diesel, running motors, fresh cut grass, hoist motors, etc, etc.
    Call it patina, call it hands-on, call it real life……….
    NO way to experience that playing with your thumbs on some dumb flat screen phone.
    Give me more!

  3. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    My new boat was in storage for several years until I purchased her last October. She still swells and smells, great!
    Madden voyage for some family.

  4. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    I’d take the smells of yesteryear rather than the trash that seems to be everywhere today.
    Matt, love to see that 356, my all time favorite car shape.

  5. Kenneth J. Rawley
    Kenneth J. Rawley says:

    My first car was a 1932 Chevrolet Confederate sedan. It smelled. Because it was old. Old people also sometimes smell. It’s called “nature”.

  6. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    My Brides ride was a 62 356 super 90 Black on black with a factory sun roof. Had a hard time selling it for $2,000 the car was in perfect condition. This was 48 years ago, we all know what they are selling for today. One of many dum decisions over the years. Like they say you can’t fix stupid.

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Nothing quite like the smell of oil/gas mix. It just smells like fun. I use marine oil in my weedeater just because the smell reminds me of boating. It makes me smile while working.

  8. John Klockau
    John Klockau says:


    I love the smell of an old car. I’ve had several 356’s and have a 1960 Roadster now. I also have a 1967 Volvo 1800 that smells the same.

  9. Danny B
    Danny B says:

    I much prefer old car/boat smell to new car/boat smell. A large blue cloud of 2-stroke behind the boat smells like summer time.

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