I Am In Love With A Shepherd!

If you have found this story because of some sick web search, sorry… No sheep here! I have fallen in love with what has to be the perfect boat. The September Woody Boat of The Month. It’s part utility, part runabout, built like a tank, and yet can sting like a bee…. And yes, it even has a 225 hp Chrysler Hemi. Dang! Dang! Dang! Meet Brian Swanson’s Killer 1957 Shepherd Sportsman 22… Hallelujah!

What an amazing boat. She could get a speeding ticket just sitting there. How such a huge boat could look so sleek is a master piece of design.But tun on the key and CRAP! This thing can move. Here is the Hemi with twin carbs…. yes Brian knows they are not the right carbs. Infact he had to rebuild the motor just a short time after he bought it… The first time he has ever done that by the way…There is a very soft touch regarding the interior design.

The previous owner had installed carpet in the boat. Actually a very nice touch compared to the cold looking rubber floor..Brian at the helm of Hallelujah…

Dang 40 mph and you can talk with your pals… even though your jaw has dropped to the floor.. Hallelujah had several celebs on board… Here is Dominic Fiaschetti, El Presidente of the Chesapeake ACBS.. Brian’s Home Port by the way, and one killer web site. Her history.. Just click on the shot…The paper trial… Dang! Worth the price of the boat alone.

It all had to come to an end…. I hear there is one on Antique Boat Center… ohhhhhhh…That’s gonna cost me… If you want to know more about the Shepherd brand… Here ya go… shepherdboats.com

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Shepherdboats.com is looking for any literature for the preservation of the history of these fine craft. Please send him these very interesting bill of sales etc. for his archives.I have a 1957 24ft. sportsman that can be viewed at Sierraboats.com Its for sale now but im really trying to keep it.

  2. Bill Kralicek
    Bill Kralicek says:

    I am actually looking for a windshield for a 1961 19′ runabout. from what I am gathering through many sources is Shepherd most likely used readily available auto glass (looks like rear window glass) for their windshields. this info would make sense as the glass is tempered, not laminated, like most windshields. I would greatly appreciate any incite as to what glass was used and / or where to locate a windshield.

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