I Have A Gas “Can” Problem



Ahhh, nothing like a good old fart joke. My 12 year old mindset still cracks me up when any ones crack, cracks up. So, we can set aside the fart jokes. I have found myself lusting after gas tanks. Yes, gas tanks. And whats so crazy about it, is that I know its dumb. Like what in the hell am I gonna do with a bunch of vintage boat gas cans?

Amazing art and love the oil coated can

Will I become the Gas man? The Can man? NO. But, it does make a fun story. Good lord it’s gonna be a long winter. So today. Gas! Cans.. Feel free to show us your can! Ya, I know.. Troy, you will need to really dig deep into your files on this one. BAM!

YA! Sorry. Hey! It’s ratings week. We are pulling out all the crap! AHHHH, even I can’t watch to much of this. AHHHHHHH, Quick back to Gas Can..

Love the Esso Marine stuff.

One of my favorite marine logos, also a very cool handle. And thankfully “she” is now gone above the screen. DO NOT GO BACK!

Its a can can for all seasons. Boating season and the other season

Ya.. Not sure about this patina can. But Boat Boy sure is a cool name

Old school cool, before Sea Doo’s became Doo Doo

What will happen if I start collecting cans

Great Graphics and name

The Sea King of Gas Cans

Love the handles. Its like a little pocket book. maybe I can talk the Boatress into collecting Gas Cans?

If you are interested in any of these cans. Except, well, the one at the counter. They are all on ebay today! Good luck. And good luck getting that image of “her” out of your mind.. I am so conflicted. I mean.. AHHHHHH

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  1. Garry
    Garry says:

    I still at 70+ remember lugging that gas ccan around.
    Maybe you should get them filled and then restacking several times a day.
    But, you could have a sparkplug fetish like I do. They are smaller, lighter and can be caressed, several at a time.

  2. Jim "the Lurker"
    Jim "the Lurker" says:

    You’re right…these are really a form of nostalgic art…years from now…I wonder what from today will be considered art ?

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Not sure why, but it makes me smile knowing all over the planet. There is someone right now . Wincing and saying to themselves. Wtf? And in that simple second of horror. We are all united. Sick, but united in one common thought. Sure it’s a bad one, but we can start from there.

  4. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Funny thing is that Monday while at the dump there were a couple of metal gas cans in the metal pile. I looked at them more than once and reminded myself that I have enough JUNK hanging around, so I left them there. Had you posted this story last week I would have grabbed them and UPSed them to you.

    Good one Floyd!

    Maybe this will help our brains get cleansed.

  5. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    What is it that we have to have a whiff of it.I once found some gooey stuff on my car’s front wheel.After scooping up some with my fingers,had to have a whiff.Brain Fart!! Remembered I had run over an old dead skunk a couple of days before.

  6. briant
    briant says:

    uh, ok question.

    Your kid steps in dog poo and you smell the bottom of the shoe to make sure.

    Do you throw away the shoes or hose it off?

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