I Suffer From Lackaboatrideitus.


I need some vitamin D

One of the advantages of not being burdened by the proper use of the English language, not to mention, any language, is you get to make up your own words. And today is such another day. introducing, Lackaboatrideitus. This is an affliction that causes anxiety, frustration over dumb things and general frustration building up that accumulates over time that has been spent in meetings, and on dry land.

The look of content with Alex Watson. I fell in love that day with 25 Sportsman.. not Sportsmen, which is a different story

You know those moments where you roll your eyes, and stick your head down and grab your head with both hands. And a nice boat ride, sniff of warm varnish and slight odor of gas and oil just wipes away any negativity. And for that brief moment, you are free. Free of worry, free of phone calls, emails and politics. You are just out there in pure harmony with mans greatest creation, a boat, blended with gods greatest creation, Water. All roaring in harmony, all stopping time.  That is the only known cure to Lackaboatrideitus.

The party barge

The good news, is there is a support group from those suffering this. And we meet daily and sniff our computers and phones for the wiff of mahogany, and in just a month-ish or so we are all going to meet in person, and soak ourselves in the warm waters of lake Dora, and take a daily fix of golden fried jalapeno popper pills! Dang… Sorry.. I needaboatide! NOW!

I relive this photo daily. Its just starting to fade a bit

Warmth in NJ

Not sure where this is, but I want to be there

Summer sunsets from the dock

Lake Dora! YNOT have an endless summer

lake Dora

Magic hour

The Great Wicomico

The size of the boat doesn’t matter as long as you are out there

Wide open water, wide open throttle. Wide open smiles



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  1. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Good pictures, Its coming soon, I have my reservations for Mt Dora and am ready for some wood varnish and sunshine. Its a great spring trip to get your year started out.

  2. Nicol
    Nicol says:

    I feel the same effect with the RC models, what a pleasure to see evolve an old runabout gilded wood varnish and also the pleasure of making his own model when we can not afford to make or restore a size. Friends of France.

  3. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    Yep – Cold, gray, fog, freezing rain coming in followed by arctic temps. and the furnace crapped out last night. We all need a boat ride right now!

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Following the news this past week is seems there are a lot of people in Virginia who could use a boat ride! Or maybe if they had spent more time in boats and less in black face they wouldn’t have ended up so stressed to begin with. Either way, I think Virginians need to find a way to get on the water ASAP.

  5. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    As someone once said, “I feel your pain…” After the deep freeze last week, we bounced all the way up to the mid 40’s last weekend. I just had a stop into my old Marina I once owned and hug my baby…

  6. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    As I told my wife on our honeymoon, “it’s not the size of the ship or the length of the cruise, it’s the motion of the ocean”.

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