I, Ugh, Mmmmm, Eeeeeeh, Well, Maybe If? It Could? Mmmm OK, I Got Noth’n!


It’s a?

Well, if you have been on ebay at anytime over the last couple weeks, you have no doubt come across this Chis Craft ish boat. Its a transition boat of sorts, both pre war and post war, part woody, part fiberglass, part runabout, part utility. In other words, it’s a lot of parts. Like a nice sausage. And by the way, I love sausage.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.08.19 PM

Those are factory stickers

We can all see how this happened. Over the years someone decided to just have fun with this thing. And at least they saved some of her history. AND it has a balanced and blueprinted engine with 150 hrs on it. Its got that. A duel axle trailer.. That’s good. It looks like it would be fun to go fishn in. Run around and party in… So you may not win at any boat show, but you certainly be the only one in your “parts” with one of these. It’s painted so you don’t have to varnish? It has Chris Craft on it?  I mean if you’re gonna go out and have fun, at least this  could be a funky way to go? WAIT…OK OK.. if you are actually at home reading this, and actually click on the ebay link on a weekend like this, you need help. GET OUT THERE! Its beautiful out there. This is a magical weekend and may be one of your last.. Before we know it it’s gonna be bye bye summer and hello winter!  “Bye Now”on Ebay HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.08.08 PM

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I don’t think anyone is going to pay real money for that, but I have some old monopoly money that has been colored over then taped together and laminated to reduce maintenence. Perhaps he will accept that?

  2. Terry
    Terry says:

    Yes, I had to check it out. I couldn’t let it go without at least a peek. AND, they want $10K. WOW!!!! It would take that just to strip off everything they had added that doesn’t belong on that boat. The guy standing in it looks like Vanilla Ice’s partner on the Vanilla Ice Project. Gotta love the pegboard. LOL. Anyway, heading out to work on my projects. Fun article to get the day started.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    What you can’t picture yourself miles offshore, your mate hanging off the bowrail with a harpoon while you fight that steering wheel in rough seas? Just bringing it to a show to get judged should get you the “Biggest Balls Award”!

  4. Randy
    Randy says:

    His comment “My friend who I am advertising this boat for no longer has the time to maintain the boat due to other projects that he has.”

    I feel sorry for those other projects — hopefully he won’t ruin any more ‘treasurers’.

  5. Nautilus
    Nautilus says:

    Balanced and blueprinted? Maybe, but it looks bone stock and stock 400s only cranked out 265 HP tops. I do not believe that you can push a 26′ boat to 50 MPH with 265 HP and a 2:1 gear reduction. This boat needs so much to make it into anything at all (racer, fishing, pleasure, whatever) that it isn’t worth owning. They should rename it the Maltese Falcon because at $10K, it’s the stuff dreams are made of. It’s worth the value of the trailer and $500 for salvageable parts…$2,000.

  6. David
    David says:

    If someone buys it, may I have the instrument panel stickers? And the nobody rides free sticker. I think these must be original? C.C. Smith may be rolling over in his grave seeing the gas or ass sticker.

  7. Briant
    Briant says:

    Sweet Mary. Balanced and blueprinted? In what decade? Chris Smith no doubt is drinking gallons of the Harry Potter Bone and Flesh Regrow so that he can come back and kick this dude’s arse. Jethrow Clampett could have cobbled together a better boat.

  8. jim g
    jim g says:

    Apparently its a real pre war 26 footer. More then likely a triple. Big question would be was it a flat deck or upswept. In the ad he says they found the original gauge panel. He describe perfectly. I wonder if the original hull number is on it somewhere?

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    “This boat was fiberglassed over about twenty years ago”… there’s gonna be a special salty mahogany soup in that fiberglass bath tub’s bilge.

    • Greg Wallace
      Greg Wallace says:

      If indeed a 1929 is likely an upswept. Although a professional restoration will exceed market value a talented amateur may find the prospect of have a real deal 26 triple appealing. (I would make it a two cockpit racer, myself.) It was common to convert these old trips to utility work boats and this practice has saved many of these that would have otherwise been lost to the burn pile. the fiberglass may have contributed to preservation as well depending on how well it was done and the environment.

  10. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    It is sad of course for us knowledgeable wood boat people to see how this poor boat has been cobbed up. You can see similar insults in old cars that have had such make-overs with fiberglass as well. Custom hot rods aside, the end result is never a good statement to be riding around in, if they can be driven at all. I am not into hot rodding an antique/vintage car as I prefer to appreciate them in factory stock form but I do appreciate the artistry and work that goes into the customization process. This boat is sorely lacking in anything close to artistry. What is disturbing is the touting of this boat on e-bay as being such a find that everyone should be clambering to buy it now. Somewhere someone will buy this thing and discover the hard way what the rest of us already know.

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