I Was Bound To Happen. A Classic Boat End.

I always joke that if you are looking for a boat just ask the guy who’s boat you like at the dock. Cause its for sale. I have had Sylvia my beloved 1941 Chris Craft 19 foot custom for 5 years. 3 of which were spent restoring her. I have also had it for sale…ish for the past year. Not a good year I might ad to sell a Barrel Back. But if the right offer came along….. Well, I have not really tried to be honest. I am the guy at the dock.. Every year I take her out of the barn and take the first ride. And always say. What in the hell was I thinking. I love this boat. And then enjoy the summer of fun. But this spring.. yesterday to be specific, I took her out..and nuth’n… What a sad feeling. I had just refreshed the varnish, painted the bottom, re striped her, the motor is all perky.. And nuth’n… It’s like I need to take her on a cruise or have a baby to rekindle the love… But who am I fooling.. It’s gone. I know I am going to hate myself later in life.. I do that.. I still miss my old Porsche Speedster, and a couple other boats.. Yip Yap… a killer little Whirlwind.. But it’s time. So in a couple weeks on the way to Algonac for the Legends of Algonac unavailing.. I am dropping her off at The Antique Boat Center to be sold in her show room. Two have just sold and the market is good again… If any one of you wants her now is the time, I can deliver her to you if you live within a reasonable area. I can be reached at Matt@WoodyBoater.com

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Your are a good and smart man. You have preserved a fine boat and extended its life. You also know that in the end you are just a steward of these craft and can only do so much with the finite resourses with all have to deal with at some point. You have Betsy to distract you now and all the other boats that draw your fancy. Bring on the U22.

  2. Don and Molly Hardy
    Don and Molly Hardy says:

    OMG!!!!!!!That is her?? AND that is where you keep the beloved Sylvia??!! That's Sylvia hang'in?? I am in LOVE with the serenity of the dock and the structure that "holds her", "up-lifts her"; as if she is now a sacrifice to the……..gods……….Matt………are you really sure?? WOW!!!!!!! Some body better JUMP for that boat and keep her uplifted to the gods!! We are all humbled because of RESTORATION!(done correctly, of course)

  3. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Thanks Molly, she is a looker for sure. I have been out in her all day..longer than ever before. I have to say… I felt it move! Again.. MAybe its age…I did say at one point, why did you do that story this morning. So maybe I will just wait at the dock…It is a magnificent day here in the Northern Neck…A stunning day…. The water is brackish. I flush her every sunday after running her and wd 40 all her brass engine stuff. She looks new in the engine. And yes I will also throw in a Woody Skipper cap. 2 if you dont buy her..

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    John Rothert writing as anonymous:

    Heck MATT as least you don't have the BIG "old dog" agony….
    see your old boat is like your beloved old dog, you can't get rid of her and you can't peacefully bring another dog into the mix.
    Now with a trailer queen the parting is much sweeter sorrow than with a Cruiser like mine….a BIG old dog.
    I looked at a Grand Banks 32 last week, yeah I
    am nuts….., but passed because no one wants my old dog any more than I can bear to part with her. this is a sickness man! Great one…
    John in Va.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    As BB King once said…."the thrill is gone". And when that happens there's only one thing to do……wait. Don't rush into this….

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Matt I think its like this. So much of the fun and intensity is in the hunt, the purchase and then the restoration. When its done its kind of over.
    I could never just buy a 'user' boat and leave it that way. To my mind thats all the headache and none of the fun. Cant help myself ,gotta get them sweet as a peach so I know every inch of them. Being an Art Director and being concerned with how things look all my life I guess I have the double sickness. Perfection and varnished boats and we all know a varnished boat doesn't stay perfect for long. Thats a good thing right?
    Whenever I take my boats out guys always comment, " God that looks like a lot of work." and I always think thats exactly the point.
    Farewell dear Sylvia, hello………..

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