In Honor of This Weekend. Actual Rare Footage of PT 109 Attacking Yamoto!


What an amazing find. This actual footage is mesmerizing, shot from onboard….What courage that must have taken. Funny how reality seems so much different than the old news reels when seen through the eye of someone actually in the battle.. What’s also surprising is how small all these ships were. And what role did dogs play in the big WW 2 navel battles? ? It’s eye opening……

Along with that amazing footage.. Is a heart warming story done in New Orleans for the WWII Museum. Click Here. There is a great video as well with the story, that one is worth sitting through.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    That wasn’t a dog, that was Godzilla disguised as a frindly pooch. He could attract the enemy in close, then blast them out of the water with one tremendous “WHOOOOOOF”

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