Into Century Coronado’s? Into Express Cruisers? Mama Mia Today Is Your Lucky Day.

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1960 Century Coronado Express Cruisette – Image not in ad.

According to the seller and fellow Woody Boater Craig Stanfeild, who said this is what he was told kinda thing. It was a Show Boat and one of a kind . I suppose If you went to the 1960 Chicago Boat Show, you could have seen this very very cool boat. Personally I love it. And now you can own it. Just like you had visited it at the boat show back in 1960. Now both of you have aged a bit, but the good news is that the boat is restorable. Although if your smear enough 5200 on your bottom, you to can sit in the water with out leaking. We opt for the boat btw. Anyway, with one simple click you can see it, although its all here since its on Craigslist and those links disappear.

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Image not in ad.only here

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Image also not in ad. Only here.

So below is the ad, sent to us from Fellow Woody Boater Michael Unrah. Also in another ad out there, Craig says the boat was purchased and “sold by Link’s Landing – Century’s largest dealer at the time. And considering its condition to plan for the worst.” Craig is a fixture in the culture and good guy.  If anyone knows more chime in. I cant imagine there are not photos of this thing in a file someplace.Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 5.31.01 PM

Here is the ad.

1960 21 foot Coronado Cruisette/Express. Needs restoration. Mostly complete. Probably hasn’t been in the water in 25 years. 225hp Gray Marine.

Century built one of these…M6056. I was told it was built for the Chicago Boat Show, as a prototype, then sold through Link’s Landing – Century’s largest dealer at the time. All major parts appear to be Century (fly bridge windshield, control console). During my ownership (approximately 10 years), the boat has always been in locked, concrete floor dry storage, I would definitely recommend planning for the worst. Price includes Dorsey trailer on MSO.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 5.30.55 PM

Love that bow action

If you’re a Century nut, you’ve probably heard of this boat.

I’m selling due to change of plans (reducing the number of boats). Make offer
Craig…. 7one3.446.one555. NO TEXTS. CALLS ONLY.

Its gotta go.

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  1. Brad Atkinson
    Brad Atkinson says:

    I remember that boat when it was new and at Link’s Landing. In later years as an adult, I owned that boat…..

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Well, tell us about it…Was it the only only and if so you know why they didn’t follow up with that model ?

  2. Craig Stanfield
    Craig Stanfield says:

    Brad and his family have owned more Coronados than anyone! Im sure well north of ten.

    Tommy…I’m too old and feeble to make it to Guy’s Fort Worth driveway!

  3. Craig Stanfield
    Craig Stanfield says:

    It’s amazing how good the lines of that boat work in the water. I think it looks a bit awkward on the trailer.

    Richard Arbib, the designer, knew his stuff.

  4. Randy
    Randy says:

    Boy, I like it!!!!! Very unique, and a one-of-a-kind model. Would like to know more of it’s development.

    This boat is worth saving!!!!!!

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