It Hasn’t Started Since September.

Sitting by the dock on the bay!

What year? I asked. And thats how yesterdays spontaneous adventure started. Okay, lets go back a bit. The Boatress has listed a great home for sale and I was asked to go fix the dock in some areas. While on the dock, I saw a larger version of the Boatress’s 17 SeaPro which she loves and is used around the creek as our personal rescue and dog boat. BUT, I have been looking for a 21 footer. And there one was. And it looked neglected. PERFECT!

Jimmy and Higby arriving in Jimmys Sea Skiff. Which is a tank as well.

The seller knew it had been neglected, and just wanted it gone. She said, it wouldnt start in September so we just left it. I thought. What Year? What decade? And thats the fun part of old boats. Stuff like this does not even phase me anymore. Its all there, original, 1999 21 ft Sea Pro. With her matching Johnson Ocean Pro 150 and an Aluminum Load rite trailer.

Mr B. Loves a spontaneous adventure

Here is another thing, I had my truck, my tow hitch and within about 10 minutes was gone with the trailer and Jimmy was on his way to help tow her outta there.

Jimmy scratching his head. He does that around me alot. mmmm

But Mr B found his spot

NOW, you all may think, and rightfully so. What the hell is “woody”boater talking here about? A plastic white generic boat? YA.. We all have one.  At least its not a pontoon boat! Although, no no judging here. And it a VERY VERY crazy way. being a 1999 makes her a 25 year old boat. Classic? Plastic? One day, mark my words, the center console boat will be a classic.

Getting power washed and looked over

Sea Pro? Started in 1989, and was known for there innovation and great ride. Brunswick bought them in 2005 and within a short period and financial depression in 2008 folded its doors. BUT there is a new Sea Pro co started by the original guys, so the brand does have some history. And we do love our 17 footer.

Mr B is confused


So? Now what? Well, scrape the egg sized Barnacles off her. WTH? It looks like prehistoric under there. And get the engine going. And then clean her up. If need be get a new 4 stroke 150 and call it a day. And yes, sell the 17. She has very low hrs and been a great boat. So if anyone wants a reliable center console. Goes about 40, and great for fishing. Let me know. Has a trailer, Yamaha 90

The 17 Center Console in action.

Always ready.

And if you are looking for a great home for a great deal. Here ya go. At this price it will not last long! 

Waterfront, Large, Deep water, 4 BR $650,000

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thanks Matt, but we already have a 17′ center console with a 90hp Yamaha.

    Enjoy the 21′, she will ride well!

    (Not our house)

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:


      It is great for gelcoat, but not the best for a painted boat. In some of the boating forums there is a lot of yak about PoliGlow because people think it is a one and done product. It is not, you need to maintain it yearly (but you also have to do wax yearly if you want the shine).

      Personally I find the process to be physically much easier than buffing and waxing! My $0.02.

  2. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    I now feel emboldened to admit that Rabbit has a stepbrother: A Clorox bottle called a Hurricane deck boat. I call it the mullet boat: Party on the top, business on the bottom. Fiberglass hull with a Volvo Penta 350 V8, but with a full on pontoon topside. It’s our patio at the dock and Balsam Lake is a full on tooner lake, with a pontoon at nine out ten docks. The mullet boat is a guilty pleasure. I feel so much better now that I’ve admitted it.

  3. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    Bigger is better but that bottom, just since September? Would have ablative bottom paint have reduced that growth or was it just lack of maintenance?

  4. Walt
    Walt says:

    The new-to-you Sea Pro 21 looks pretty good. Still has a little shine on the hull sides. At least scraping that hull will keep you off the mean streets of Reedsville and out of trouble for a couple of days.


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