It’s A 1958 Ulrichsen about 20 Feet, I Think.

What the?

Fellow Woody Boater Steve Moser sent us in this listing on Craigslist of a 1958 Ulrichsen. OK, I will admit it. What in the heck is a 1958 Ulrichsen about 20. Yes, with a simple google search I see its a boat company. And this is a Sea Skiff style boat. But hold on. Is it me or does this thing look like it was chopped in the back. Like a AMC Gremlin. Just WHACK!

Can it handle a CHOP?

The Ulrichsen Boat Co, was started in 1947 in New Jersey and they made Sea Skiffs. for fishermen. Now, back to this boat. Was it chopped? Is it a cool boat that could be converted into a full race “Jersey” Sea Skiff Cruiser? Imagine that thing flying across the water.

Fun for the entire family


Its got a trailer! Thats good

And a seat!

If you are really into the New Jersey Boat history, there is a short thread on the BassBarn forum HERE. Scroll down, the family chimes in with a history.

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  1. KentB
    KentB says:

    The guys a butcher…. you can see the back section (detached from the boat) in one of the pictures.
    He has likely already sold the transom, or is keeping it for himself. Too bad, as there cant be too many (or any) left of this size. You think it was a 22′ before this barbarian got a hold of it?

  2. KentB
    KentB says:

    One other thing… and its hard to judge without looking at the REAL transom, or knowing a lot about Ulrichsens (which I am guessing most of us dont). But I would say this boat looks like a 1960-64 vintage. The hull shape (especially the bow) does not look like a 50’s boat to me.
    Could be an interesting thread/topic: Where craigslist ads and/or boat titles are incorrect and trying to get the years right.
    Here in Ohio and Michigan, we see a lot of old 50’s models with incorrect years on the title/registration work…

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    What a mess….but hey, there is a fiberglassic off to the right in one of the pix?


  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Love the clipper bow but not much love for the rest of it. Agree that its probably not from the 50’s. A friend of my parents had a Ulrichsen cruiser, probably in the 33 foot range and it was a pretty seaworthy boat. cruised it all around Long Island and CT back in the late 60’s.

  5. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    There is definitely 2-3 feet of the boat visible in the first photo. It even still has the splash rail, and upper combing still on it! This seller should be charged with neglect and abuse! This was likely a great, seaworthy hull design of which very few still exist and he hacked it up?!?

  6. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    His trailer obviously wasn’t big enough for the full size version – had to chop the boat down to make it fit.

  7. Miles Kapper
    Miles Kapper says:

    I want it just so people on the dock can check their glasses and make sure they don’t need the next subscription up. I’m curious what is it powered with? Even half a boat free cost money.

  8. Jon H
    Jon H says:

    Looks to me like he chopped it at about the back of the engine box. I would like to see what he did with the running gear. Shortened the shaft, no strut? Looks like there is a rudder in one picture. I can’t believe he went through the effort to redo the gear to give it away.

  9. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    Chopped down for a stage prop at a concert! Now useless but for a tree house or yard art. Still, it’s nice the guy is offering it up as opposed to burning it.

  10. Gary Sebastian
    Gary Sebastian says:

    I have a 22′, 1935 Crosby Motor Launch that I was told is two feet shorter today because of rot in the transom. It may be a candidate for a 20 footer before long!

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