It’s A Happy New Year. Aristocraft Turners 70 Years Old Today!


Claude and Scott Turner

The Turner family,  Woody Boater royalty are celebrating a huge day today. Turns out Claude Turner, is turning 100 today! Yup 100! And to top it all off, Aristocraft boat co is celebrating its 70th birthday as well.


The museum is open

Yes, a family business still in the business of making the boats the way they used to be made. The right way. You no doubt have seen some of these little speedies around, but you may not know all the history, passion and love that goes into each one.




Claude, left and Scott back in 2007 Lake Dora


Claude and Bill center, with rightt, Red Marshall (Foreman with Aristocraft) and in the blue plaid shirt is Jimmy Rainwater (foreman with Aristocraft)

Yes, one look at Claude back in the day, and you get it. Claude quite the dapper dude. And it all explains why these cool as all get out boats are still timeless in there stylish way.


The new sign


Generations of Turners!


Bill Turner left, Scott’s father and Claude’s son

The family also just recently put all this history in a museum of sorts at there factory, so not only can you go to the website, but you can visit them in real life, heck even buy a boat the way your 100 year old grandfather would have. And that is priceless. So today, we say so long to 2016 and thanks to the Turner family, know that quality, passion and fun will always be alive in 2017 and beyond. Please enjoy some older photos supplied by Scott of there amazing history.


Stacked up and ready to go. Is your Aristocraft in there?


Just cool, cool as all get out!


Note the cool hard tops in the background. Yup, they still make them


Have you ever driven one? Its as fun as it looks!


Take out the kid and eat your sandwich all in the same time. maybe there is a cool Aristocraft kitchen in there?


More hulls lined up!


When Men were men, and trailer laws were, well, not laws. Rancharo goodness!


Love the painted ones!

You can visit there VERY cool website by Clicking HERE. There is a huge collection of fun historic images, and some new cool products for sale. Happy New Year!

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  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Happy New Year to all….and an especial one to Bill and Gail for keeping up the Turner traditions and bringing those little boats to Tavares and other shows each year.

  2. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Happy New Year to all WoodyBoaters ! Happy 100th to Mr. Turner! And congratulations to Aristocraft on 70 years of fantastic boats! Me with my Typhoon12.

  3. David Doyle
    David Doyle says:

    Am currently restoring a 56 Torpedo and Scott has been very helpful. Was able to have some missing pieces recast at a reasonable price. Great boats and great folks to deal with. Thanks!

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    What a legacy story! Happy New Year to all and congrats to all Turners!
    Yep, I went boating, spent the night aboard…shot off all out dated flares at midnight!

    John in Va.

  5. Randy
    Randy says:

    Happy New Year/Woody Boating to all!!! Thanks to Bill & Scott for keeping this fantastic little craft alive, and to Claud for the creation of such a beautiful piece of ‘useable’ art!

    I got mine, and people comment on it wherever it goes!

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Happy 100 Claude and happy anniversary to the Aristocraft Boat Co, Bill, Gail, and Scott Turner (and his wife Jenna) have been major supporters of ACBS, the woody boat lifestyle, and are the epitome of solid citizens you’d want to be your neighbor and friend. Claude lives in our town and could be seen a few years ago tooling around in his classic red Rolls Royce convertible. Not sure if that’s still in his wheel house now but he’s quite the clone of Howard Hughes (his good qualities) with great ideas carried out in wood Fortunately, his “out of the box” thinking has been passed down to Bill, Scott, and Scott’s son Owen. Aristocraft’s rock.

  7. Cliff Antrobus
    Cliff Antrobus says:

    I have known Claude and the Turner family for almost 50 years- what a great bunch of folks !!!

  8. Brian Aiken
    Brian Aiken says:

    Great Boats, great folks! True Atlanta legends. I’ve gotten to know Bill and Gail Turner a bit through ACBS.
    They are just lovely and carry on the Aristocraft tradition.

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