It’s Always Something Stupid!

Fuel Pump rebuilt thanks VanNess for the kit!

Have I ever mentioned that I rebuilt an entire engine only to find out it was a cracked distributor cap? Well, this seems to be my M.O. As you may have been seeing, we have been having fun trying to get Stinky to run again, and Buttercup. So here goes. The confession of dumbness.

Installing fuel tank, AGAIN!

I have now rebuilt the fuel pump on Buttercup. Which did not solve the problem of why she was starving for fuel. We had the tank removed and cleaned it. All the pickups, fuel pump. BUT. Now before I divulge my stupidity. We did check the fuel line in three ways. One by blowing air in it. Worked. Checked for leaks. Everything.

As we were installing the fuel tank AGAIN, I noticed an odd twist in the fuel line, and twisted it to fit the feeder. And BAM. a hole. WTF! As Jimmy said.. OH, don’t tell anyone. HA! So I got out my camera. It was on an area that over the years would have rubbed. And then, paper thin, and little cracks. Why no fuel leaking? Well, the fuel pump is SUCKING, and would be sucking in air. So. there it was. And thus, we decided to launch that sucker. CRANK UP THE VOLUME!

Mother of god, that is the best sounding engine of all. Deep, cammy, and fast as hell. Now if we can just figure out why she wont start. And yes we tried the choke deal, which is an issue on a KFL. We are thing carb age. But thats for later. Right now I am sitting in the corner with my DUNCE cap on!

We kept the trailer ready!

But til after a full blasts

Heaven on earth

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  1. Rich
    Rich says:

    Get rid of that old copper and use stainless steel tubing with quality Swagelok fittings. Any fuel leak in a boat has the potential to be catastrophic. This isn’t an area to penny-pinch by using old or low quality material.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I would replace the fuel line with modern non-permeable rubber fuel lines. I don’t think any rigid metal lines meet current safety standards and for reasons that should now be obvious.

    While you are at it, add a spin on fuel water separator/filter and ditch the mechanical pump for an electric one. Clean the carb and then you will have quick and reliable starting even after she sits.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I agree with all…but am still nervous about the electric pumps….
    been Boating!
    John in Va

    • charley quimby
      charley quimby says:

      I have used a Walbro electric pump since ’15. It picks up fuel near the tank and pushes it to my engine. I use USCG approved shutoffs, AeroQuip s/s braided hoses with teflon liners. I also use marine barrier hose from the tank to the pump. On my 26′ Miss APBA the pumping distance to the carb is about 12′. I use ethanol only because that is all I can get down here in Solomons. Never a fuel delivery problem. Of course the materials are expensive, but I don’t worry about fuel delivery when I am at full bore. I always use copper in my whiskey still, though. CQ

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      If you add a proper oil pressure switch (cheap!) the pump will run briefly a key on, and then it will only run if there is oil pressure. If the engine dies, fuel flow stops. Way safer than a mechanical pump with diaphragms to crack and leak. It really is a much better solution.

  4. Stenz
    Stenz says:

    As a Woody Boater enthusiast and owner of a couple great old boats, one thing that became “crystal clear” to me today is….I need a “Jimmy” in my life. Oh sure, I have some buddies that can help me from time to time, but Jimmy? he’s the real deal! Congrats to both of you!

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    Jimmy is the best. We have an absolute blast doing this stuff. We laugh, laugh and more laughing! Thats what its all about

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