It's As If God Himself Gave Us This Amazing Riva Aquarama… And Now It Could Be Yours!

I know we go on and on sometimes about certain boats. And yes when you are at a show certain boats pop out at you and take your heart away for a second. But then it all passes. We have all been there. But in this case, no words written or multi megabyte image can describe this magnificent boat. It’s like trying to describe the Grand Canyon in text and a photo. Until you have been there, and experience it. You just don’t get it. So.. I have seen this boat in person and named it Woody Boater Boat of the year last year. I have used the image as the Pope Aquamobile, and drooled on every square inch of it. If you have been to MT. Dora in the past two years, you know this special Riva Aquarama, if you have been on youtube you have drooled on the restoration done back in Europe. There is not one thing that this magnificent boat does not have. History, Craftsmanship, power, art, design….and most of all presence. It just takes your breath away. And it can be yours. You can tow it home and park it in your garage… OK in your museum… If you are interested, the auction is coming up fast. The banner on the right side of this page will take you to the info on the auction or click here . And if you click here you can find out more about the boat. And if you are going to see the boat in person you may want to wear these, click here... Here is one of the Videos on Youtube.