It’s Fall, And That Can Only Mean One Thing… The End Is Near.


When are you riding your last ride into the sunset of 2011

Are you ready for your Woody Boater “Last Gasp” photo contest. We’re not. I don’t want to be, no way no sir.. But time marches on.. The days are getting shorter and a couple hrs of boating is getting to be more of a pain then a pleasure. This weekend was beautiful but so windy that we did some damage to Suzy just trying to dock her. With the leaves all chaging though you can get some magnificent photos done.. So get out the lens cleaner and warm up your digital camera, or old intomatic for the purist in you.. Because next week is.. LAST GASP WEEK! Thats right, we are at that time.. Send in your images from your last gasp if you have already had one.. If you are close, this weekend may be your last gasp.. Take photos.. And yes, there will be some sort of lame award.. Expect no less from us.. OK you can expect less.. Hagerty is all in as our sponsor.. So… Get ready.. You can start sending in any images now and I will start stock piling.. make the subject LAST GASP.. Send to

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Armed and ready with a new camera. Yessir. Trouble is, my classic boats are all shedded away for the impending ice age. If I throw leaves, a pumpkin, some hay, and a corn husk or two on one of them, then take a pic, will that count? If not, does a 2006 Whaler count as a classic?

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    No photos from this past weekend for sure! Wind whipping, whitecaps all over. Went down to the dock, had lunch at the dock, took a nap on the boat at the dock then went home and took another nap. So it was still a good weekend.

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Next weekend is a big one for us as we will participate in our Annual Fall Classic Cruise. We’ll have 7 or 8 classic cruisers heading up the Illinois River from its convergence point on the Mississippi River. Should be a fun “last gasp” event for us. I’ll send photos.

  4. Don
    Don says:

    You are all so Lucky, We have already winterized over 60 boats this fall and into storage. Ready for the snow. 20,000sqft of wood boats, all under cover , dark and cold.
    We barely have 3-4 mths of boating.
    But you guys keep it live here, thanks, its gives us a longer season seeing all of the fun back east, want a picture of boats in storage by Oct 10th? Ha!
    Don and Molly

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