It’s Official, We Have A Boat Show In The Works!

donzi tow 2As I always say, it aint a boat show til someone gets towed in. And it just happened in the most bizzare way. It involves Paul and Karen Harrison and there Sea Skiff and a Donzi! Nope, you guessed it wrong. the Trusty Sea Skiff did the towing in..

donzi tow

Toss us a line, and please put down the camera..

All that muscle helped by old wood and the one person on the lake that could possibly make it more embarrassing. Cause if it happens here, its on here! Congrats to getting the show of to a ripping start, and saving us all from being the first. Woohoo!

donzi tow 3

That Donzi sure can fly-ish!


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  1. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    You should track down Curt Erickson and have him tell you the story of the young couple in a Bayliner that got towed back to the Port Orchard marina by a Chris Craft triple… …during the CC Rendezvous…

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    Paul and Karen to the rescue again. They were also on the scene of the sinking on the St Johns. This is not the first fiberglass boat they have towed this winter on lake Dora. Lets hope the Sea Skiff does not have engine problems after towing the Dozi.

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