Jimmy Stole My Manhood! What Little Is Left.


Magic out on the Chesapeake Bay

This weekend here on the Northern Neck of Virginia was just about as perfect boating weather as can be. Cool breeze, flat water, and choppy water, all of it for some variety of boating. We went out on Sweet Pea for hours. Just going, stopping and floating, and going. We had some friends come and I was the captain of Sweet Pea and keeping her going.

Slow ride and cool breeze – like two songs

Reed at the helm

Ruby and Oreo enjoy the ride

Perfect days

We enjoyed a nice dinner at The Crazy Crab. The docks were loaded up with boats so I had to back up into a slip. YEEEEEIKES! I have not mastered the back up yet on Sweet Pea.

inches to spare on either side. Never touched! Perfect

A wonderful evening, but you could sense some storm ahead

Thar she is. A small rain storm headed our way

Made some great photo ops

Back at the dock and the sprinkles started. Could not have timed it any better


On Sunday an even more perfect day

The flags say it all

The water on the Bay was rough so we went up the Great Wicomico which was perfect. Pulled into a calmer area and set anchor for a wonderful picnic

Okay, time to head home!

A turn of the key and CRICKETS! DEAD! DEAD DEAD! No nothing. The good news, this is par for the course in the world of Woody Boating, and in an odd way, a fun challenge. After some little work, I diagnosed it as a Neutral Safety Switch. But? Now what? Has it failed? Where is it? The crew was looking to me and my manhood. Will I save the day?

And then those words I have heard over and over again. CALL JIMMY! And in seconds, okay minutes Jimmy was there. Turns out Jimmy had been out all day as well and just so happened to be close.

The Boatress and Oreo are happy to see Jimmy

Jimmy on board. Yes, I grabbed my camera.

We had a short discussion of what I thought. And Jimmy went into the engine bay and VROOM! A simple hot wire thing and she started. UGH. That was way to easy. Jimmy now the hero, me the Zero.

Of course one has to document the moment my manhood took a boat ride

Ya! just sitting there

I am gonna just hang out here and look around for any manhood I can find left on the deck

Back under way! That way! I need to lift some weights, and grunt and spit.

And off Jimmy went. This entire adventure took minutes.

Long lens, Makes it look like the kids are getting buzzed. They are in a shallow area having fun, Jimmy headed home with my manhood and gratitude

Love taking apart stuff to understand how it all works

Of course when I got home to the dock, I went through it all. Took apart parts and found the neutral safety switch near the starter. Cleaned it up, and fixed! Started right away. Corrosive wire issues! Simple fix. After being fixed!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    With the power Jimmy has on that center console, he would be there in minutes from anywhere! Glad it all turned out well.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Look at the bright side, men are more susceptible to COVID, so now is as good a time as any to lose your manhood and transition to womanhood.

  3. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    The only thing worse than having a neutral start switch fail is not having one and starting your boat – in gear – at the dock… 😉

  4. Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump says:

    The picture where you are waving on the bow, looks like a Forrest Gump moment and thinking you were going to jump in the drink!

  5. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Surprised you weren’t forced to hoist your shorts up the mast to sybolize your stripped manhood.

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    “jim dandy to the rescue…go jim dandy!”

    Boating on the Bay…past three days…sweet~! with my sweetie!

    John in VA.

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