Joltin Joe Could Use A Jolt…Of Pasta!


We reported on Joltin Joe a year ago as it was being tucked away in a garage, to save it from the UV’s
And now this report and flyer from fellow Woody Boater Robert Oakley
Martinez California.
There is an effort to restore the runabout and build a visitors center to display it. Enclosed is a program from a fund raising event held on 8/13/09. There is little info about who is collecting money but I would guess the city of Martinez or the Sons of Italy would have details. My collegue is designing the visitors center and new digs for a cafe on the waterfront. As of now the boat is sitting in a county garage rotting away. It was left out in the weather for ever without any care after it was rescued from the marina (where it had been half full of water for years.

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