Just Another Day In Paradise.


Towing in with one eye closed. Or something in my eye? Part of the fun

Maybe, just maybe. All events end with being towed in. And no events this year? Maybe this was the sign? Maybe 2020 is over???????

Rumble rumble

While going out for a late afternoon cruise in WECATCHEM we came up on a boat with the engine hatch up. Been there, done that, so it was time to return the karma favor. And it is the thing you should always do. Rules of the road so to speak.

The Boatress loves a Sea Rescue. And yes she called Jimmy! WTH? I was trying to regain some manhood and she calls Jimmy.

The funny part is people are nervous to be towed in by a Woody boat? ” You don’t want to tow me in, in that beautiful boat”  OH HELL YA.. Inside I am thinking, I need a story, and the only thing better would be a pontoon boat. Sadly a very cool little Tupperware cruiser.

Towed her into Buzzards Point where she will be repaired.

Water in the fuel, and had just been repaired. I guess. Water in the fuel can be a never ending problem. Anyway, we tied up and towed him in. No biggy, the W did what she was designed to do. Rumble and turn at 700rpm and did great.


Then to top off a wonderful day of Reedville joy, we went and picked fresh Blueberries at our neighbors house. They are very generous with them, and the bush just delivers and delivers blue joy. THIS IS WHAT SUMMER IS ABOUT. Adventures on the water, Family, great neighbors and Blueberry cobbler for desert.

Summer harvest


oh ya!

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  1. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    Hard not to be a little smug administering the “tow of shame” with a wooden boat……………

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Always better to be the tower than the towee.

    Been picking raspberries from the neighbors garden here.

  3. Steve Anderson in Michigan
    Steve Anderson in Michigan says:

    I have a home built pontoon boat from 1959 with a 2 stroke Johnson 18hp from the same year. I love towing in bigger, newer boats. They always seem shocked.

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    We took the tupperware out last night for a post repair shakedown that I had towed in.

    It is a jet boat and had sucked up some rocks and broke the prop shaft and water pump shaft. All better now.

  5. Art
    Art says:

    You didn’t bend the Whatchamacallit’s lifting ring did ya? ……oh wait they are designed to be pulled in that direction.

  6. Mark in da I P
    Mark in da I P says:

    Here again l am getting off the subject. Today was the scheduled date for the Hessel Mi boat show. It has left a hole in my week. Like a lot of other shows on other places. To all the woody boaters that I see there every year and are reading this. Go boating today and I’ll see you next year.

  7. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    The TOP ‘O MICHIGAN OUTBOARD NATIONALS are alive and well here on Michigan’s Inland Waterway this year!!!!
    Race today and tomorrow and we are OPEN!!!!
    Come on over, up or around to see the racers run in their 72nd year!
    Shameless plug: Howe Marine in Indian River has a passel of people over and practicing social distancing at arms length.
    With an adult beverage or two scheduled for later.
    And yes, there will be boats towed in too………………. 🙂
    Stay safe and hope to see you!

  8. Ollon
    Ollon says:

    LOL. I had the same boat 30 years ago and as I’m reading the story I’m thinking I bet it’s water in the gas. Then boom there it was. For some reason that model had an inherent problem with it. Especially in humid climate. Poor ventilation??? Who knows but after 2 years I gave up and sold it. It was a fun boat when it ran though.

  9. Pink Sky
    Pink Sky says:

    Hey Matt – Remember the first rule in photography, don’t show your shadow in the photo? Just a gentle jab for the AD man.

  10. George Emmanuel
    George Emmanuel says:

    Finally someone else was featured on Woody Boater besides me being towed in! We are an elite group!—But few want to join us.

  11. Steve Bunda
    Steve Bunda says:

    No blueberry here , Lake Placid Inn Minocqua Wisconsin . Prime Rib breakfast this morning, I highly recommend this fine establishment!

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