Ladies And Gentlemen, A Toast To Woody Diva!

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Pumpkin Spice Martini – Glass: Martini – Method:Build In Shaker, 1.5 Ounces ABSOLUT Vanila, 1 ounce Bailys Irish Cram, 1/2 Ounce Monin Pumpkin Spice, 2 ounces half and half, Ground Cinamon and nutmeg for garnish. Courtesy of

As we wind up the boating season, it’s time here at Woody Boater to start looking ahead to a new year and the evolution of what Woody Boater can be. Over the summer we got to know a true Woody Boater out in LA on Lake Arrowhead. Woody Diva will be a regular contributor to Woody Boater reporting on all things stylish and to bring another MUCH NEEDED perspective on the Woody Boater culture. . It is with great pleasure that we  introduce Woody Diva to the reporter pool. Take it away Diva!

I am smitten. I have a fever that only Woody Boater Lifestyle can cure.
Life on the edge (of water) is about the heady out-of-body experience that being in the presence of a wooden boat brings.
I am a mom, a wife, an ex president of a high-stress position in the fashion industry. But at the end of the day my ah-ha moments are all about great family, friends, food, fashion…wisdom and wit, and sharing a cruise in my 1946 U-22 Sportsman (Not necessarily in that order of importance). But its far more than just my love affair with my good wood….it’s the total ambiance. The outfit, the music, the cocktail, the vehicle that tows your woody…
Your wife, son, daughter, significant other may not be under the spell that you are currently in. You know, the one the beauty of a freshly varnished foredeck, or refurbished bilge pump can create. Erh, erh, erh.
Now reach out, and gather them around ye old warm and glowing LED computer screen….a new day has dawned.
I have been anointed the official Woody Diva a title I honor and cherish…( much like Honey Boo-Boo values her Miss Ultimate Grand Supreme Title)
We invite you to send us any photos of your favorite outfit (tasteful, or not), your favorite dock house, room, your favorite music list, your cocktail du jour, anything that enhances your wooden boating lifestyle. I will be trying to give you the total euphoric environment woody boating can bring.

You know its all so much bigger than us.

I look forward to sharing what can turn into a lifestyle of true content…. even for a few hours, come a board.

Cheers and a toast to all Lovers of the Fine Art of Wooden Boating and how Lucky we are to have each other!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Woody Diva

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Welcome Woody Diva. I love the angle you plan to bring to WB! You are so right that classic boating goes well beyond the boats themselves. One has to be an owner (or as I like to see it, a “caretaker”) to discover this.

    For me, it’s 1.5 ounces Family Times, 1 ounce Early Morning Wipe-Down Peace, 1/2 ounce Boat Show, 1.5 ounces WoodyBoater Writing/Reading/Bantering, garnished with dollar bills (while they last).

    I’ve long believed there is no WoodyBoater lifestyle but, rather, that this following is comprised of many different lifestyles which overlap to various degrees in various ways (think Venn diagram). It will be great to have you bring out different elements from those lifestyles.

    P.S. Here’s hoping people who Google “Honey Boo Boo” will now come upon WoodyBoater. Perhaps if everyone who comments today can include “Honey Boo Boo” in their comment, the usage frequency can trigger that result? Who knows. By the way, I had to look “Honey Boo Boo” up. Just as I did “Jersey Shore girls” when Paul mentioned that in one of his comments. Still recovering…

    • Woody Diva
      Woody Diva says:

      HI Alex,
      Yes excellent recipe…
      It’s a learning curve for all of us…hence Venn diagram intersecting honey boo boo!
      All six degrees of separation.
      Woody Diva

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    Fashion? I thought a Hagerty wind jacket was as good as it gets. Even Honey Boo-Boo would want to wear one of those. Of course, the “Sons of Varnish” garments are for the real hard core.

    I look forward to this added dimension of a decidedly more refined Woodyboaterville… As my somewhat eclectic- casual style is predominently defined by comfort…. although cocktails (by volume) aid in the perfection of complacency.


    • Woody Diva
      Woody Diva says:

      Cocktails and Good Wood in volume a great combo….we’re talking no Members Only jackets,
      Possibly J Peterman jacket and A Sons of Varnish Tee.
      Woody Diva

  3. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    “My Wife” the preface to so many comments in my life but in no more important then those surrounding boating.
    Outtings on the boat on The River have to include certian amenities that my First Mate handles which enhances the total experience weather it be day, family or sunsset cruiseing. Each requires that certian details have been taken care of to facilitate maximum enjoyment.
    Welcome Woody Diva, you may be the key influence that Woody Boater becomes elevated in her eyes.

  4. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Welcome aboard Woody Diva. If you ever make it to Algonac for our show, there’s a great little combo diner/bait shop where we can have a super breakfast. Talk about fashion!

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Looking forward to the fashion and style tips since men’s clothing isn’t manufactured with expiration dates sewn in (not that we’d pay any attention to that). We are known to wear stuff until the fabric molecules vaporize into thin air. I guess wearing the wrong thing will now become know as a Woodyboater boo boo.

  6. redbeard
    redbeard says:

    Fashion ??? What the…….. I think this is where Fonzy gets onto his Triumph motorcycle to jump the shark!!!!!!! Now im glad we didnt have to start paying for the site….Boys I have a boat to get away from my wife…….

  7. Bob B.
    Bob B. says:

    Woody Diva–Welcome. I respectfully suggest that any fashion commentary concerning ZIPPERS be made with great delicacy. Especially original zippers.

  8. Jim Frechette
    Jim Frechette says:

    Welcome Woody Diva! The future of wooden boats is not just in the boats but is in the lifestyle. We have two wooden boat organizations in our area and most (many?) of the members no longer own boats. We have events but the number of boats showing up is decreasing and the number of members showing up is increasing. It is becoming more of a social gathering of people who really like the boats and the friendships but have given up boat ownership for whatever reason (cost, divorce, death of the spouse who maintained the boat). This is not a bad thing for the social aspects but may be a detriment to the long term values of the boats. Let’s ask Honey Boo Boo

  9. Woody Diva
    Woody Diva says:

    Hi Jim,
    That’s my point!
    When I pull up to the gas dock along side of Tupperware boats the 18 year old gas boy says “what a cool boat” that’s the generation we need to reign in.
    Woody Boating is COOL.
    Kid Rock has Woody’s…Steven Tyler has a Woody.
    It’s a global love and appreciation, we need to share and pay it forward.
    Don’t give up the ship…a new day is dawning.
    Let’s keep Woody Boating alive and well and the Honey Boo Boos we will keep at bay.
    Woody Diva

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Despite the name, Kid Rock is several years older than I am! He also benefits from growing up in Michigan where woodys are prevalent.

      The youth like the kid pumping gas are actually another generation or two younger.

      • Woody Diva
        Woody Diva says:

        Ok….so maybe I am a Cougar Woody Diva!
        Got a lot of work ahead of me spreading the Love of Wooden boats to the multitude of generations!
        A woman’s work is never done.
        Woody Diva

    • Woody Diva
      Woody Diva says:

      Hi Don,
      The fact that you know the name of ye mates fav. shoes just tells me that you are the perfect customer here…stay tuned.
      “No heels on my seats” is the wooden boaters…”no WIRE hangers”
      Woody Diva

    • Woody Diva
      Woody Diva says:

      I looked up the word advice and love the obvious-backseat driver! Kibitzer and who woulda ( wooda ) thunk….advice Boat?

      Just wait after a couple of cocktails the typo’s will flow freely.I promise

      Related Words
      counsel, advisory, backseat driver, elder statesman, elder stateswoman, kibitzer, warn, admonition, advertise, advice and consent, advice boat …
      Woody Boater

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