Last Gasp At 1.5 mph


This story in from fellow Woody Boater Chad Durren.
“With Lily already stowed away, I was left with only a kayak.
I built this cedar strip kayak 2001. 17’6″ long and 22″ beam. The only thing that keeps me off the water is ice.
It was such a quiet ride, that dropping an audio track in the video seemed a bit much for me. The experience for me is all about the silence.”

Thanks Chad, this says it all.. It’s what we all love about this lifestyle. It has so many points of view.. Crank it up, the silence is golden..

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Beautiful yak Chad and glad to see that PFD on. I agree that from now until spring is a great time to be out there. As much as I love the rumble of my B through the copper exhaust I also look forward to these quiet times. Luckily here we have salt water so there is almost always some ice-free areas to paddle. Time to break out the drysuit.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Nice work, very cool video.

    Now that Chad has his new GoPro HD video camera with his custom suction cup, I can hardly wait to see what else our innovative reporter from Chicago will come up with next…

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