Leonard Nimoy Boat For Sale. Live Long And Varnish!

Leanard Nemoys  1968 21'Century Coronado 440

Leanard Nemoys 1968 21’Century Coronado 440

Yesterday we found out that Leanard Nimoys 1968 Century Coranado is for sale at Sierra Boat Co out on Lake Tahoe. Spocks boat is for sale!  The logical thing to do is to wollow in Star Trek jokes. To give it all shes got! But thats to easy. Maybe I just talk about the boats features, like its Beam? Fascinating? Maybe not. The thing is, if you do buy it, you will no doubt live long and……

So instead of using the easy jokes, we thought today might be a fun day for you to write todays headline. To the winner we change the line of the story. And you to can bask in the glory of making your fellow Woody Boater laugh! THE BIG WINNER, “LIVE LONG AND VARNISH” From RANGER! WOOHOOOO

“Fortunately, my ancestors spawned in another ocean than yours did. My blood cells are quite different.”

“Fortunately, my ancestors spawned in another ocean than yours did. My blood cells are quite different.” mmmm maybe the boat was used in special water?

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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    That boat has been on the market longer than it takes to space travel to the other side of the known universe.

    • Troy
      Troy says:

      It could also be “Trekkies for Boobies” but that wouldn’t have much to do with the story now would it.

      Than again this really is BoobyBoater.com isn’t it?

        • Brian Flaherty
          Brian Flaherty says:

          The driver is on the right (in the picture) port side of the boat… That is Curt Erickson in his Miss Sydney. I think there may be something seriously wrong with that passenger… Anyone who can be near that boat and not instantly smile has serious issues they need to work out.

    • MikeM
      MikeM says:

      That is so funny. I was thinking the same thing and when I saw your picture I spit my coffee out….through my nose! Thanks

      • Cliff
        Cliff says:

        This is the hull side of Baby Bootlegger. This I am guessing is the fitting you are asking about.

    • Troy
      Troy says:

      I am thinking the day went something like this.

      Lets draw straws to see who drives.

      Frowny Guy: Crap, lets do two out of three. Crap, lets do three out of five. Crap, lets do five out of seven, CRAP, lets

      Smiley Guy: OK OK I won fair and square lets go WOODYBOATING!

  2. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Wow! The US Nave just launched a new Destroyer the Uss Zumwalt at the Bath Iron works in Maine who’s captain is JAMES KIRK! Coincidence? I think not!( Hope the picture will load. ) crazy design.

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      I guess they couldn’t get enough friends together even with an offer of beer to flip the hull so they just added a superstructure to the bottom and hoped everyone would think they meant to do it that way. Yea, that’s the ticket.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Thread hijack. Question for everyone with a Hercules B engine. What RPM do you feel comfortable running her at during a cruise? I’ve heard quite a range.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      The answer is going to depend on how long you want it to last. There is no magic number above which it will break down and below which it will last forever.

      Chris craft rated it to 3200 RPM and the only other limit I see is a recommended minimum idle of 500 rpm. I generally like to cruise at or below 75% power which is 45hp at 2200 RPM for the B. 65% cruise would be about 1950 based on CC’s torque curve. Given how weak and heavy a B is, I would be tempted to run it harder if the power is needed and deal with rebuild or replacement when the time arrives.

  4. TomH
    TomH says:

    Won’t you think they could get the waterline in the right place on the Zumwalt.

    Oh and for the question of the day, the drivers the happy one.

  5. red dog
    red dog says:

    message to cutwaterguy the top fitting would probably be bilge outlet the lower larger fitting ( near the waterline) is the exhaust. you can check out miss sydney on youtube ( couple videos) its a pretty fast boat but maybe his passenger wasnt impressed

    • MikeM
      MikeM says:

      Yes…there was a spy video of Ms. Sidney on Woodyboater the other day. I took the video with my phone through the slats of a wooden fence. You should be able to see the hull in the video.

  6. brian t
    brian t says:

    Wait. Spock purchased a Century? For the water? He must have have one of his famous human breakdown episodes when he was buying the thing as it is just not logical. I found a photo of Spock while purchasing the actual boat. This was about two seconds after he signed the papers…..

  7. tommy holm
    tommy holm says:

    Mr. Nimoy’s Coronado is one of the last wooden boats made by the Century Boat Co. It is a spectacular example of modern design by Robert Rioux in a time tested African mahogany hull, the same hull design used for many years by Century – as it provided such a true ride. In 1968 when it became known that Century was stopping wood production, Dick Clarke of Sierra Boat Co. bought as many as he could. All told Sierra sold 9 1968 Century Coronado boats that were registered. This one has a 440/335 Chrysler; not many were placed. It even has a Trek burgee. Mr. Clarke and Mr. Nimoy are legendary woody boaters. Live long and prosper.

  8. Texx
    Texx says:

    I snapped around 60 shots of Curt and his crew in “Miss Sydney” that day at Lake Chelan. Just went through them to see if I could find any where the angry man cracked a smile… but no luck.

    However the female passenger was hanging on to her hat and having a great time!

    • TommyHolm
      TommyHolm says:

      Sierra has a proven method that has served their customers over many years. I also believe that most of their customers do not dock their boats on the water for the whole season

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Cool water temps and low humidity also minimize swelling as was explained to me when I asked how does a ‘glass bottom hold there and not anywhere else.

  10. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    The passenger in Miss Sydney needed to relieve himself and was too thoughtful to ask Curt to pull over. Been there, done that, especially a couple of weeks ago on the St Johns River Cruise in Florida while hoping that my face would return to normal once we reached the dock in 45 more miserable minutes.

  11. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Anyone else think the USS Zumwalt is a throwback to the Merrimack (CSS Virginia) of the Hampton Roads civil war battle between the ironclads?

    • Troy
      Troy says:

      And to think the Merrimack had stealth technology before there was radar.

      Talk about being ahead of the curve.

  12. Ron Stevenson
    Ron Stevenson says:

    That “angry man” is Tom Brayton, and his hot babe wife Christine. They are classic Yacht Association members with Curt and myself. He is a very accomplished photographer, and I am betting his thoughts (like Texx) “damn…how can I get a picture of this…damn, my boat only does 7 knots”
    They both are very nice people, really, primary residence Lahaina, HI

  13. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Spock’s boat, contrary to popular opinion, does not have a 5200 bottom. It was Vulcanized…..

  14. some century guy
    some century guy says:

    After reading all the comments i need a mind meld to clear my head.

    “SPOCK! Communicate to me why on this arcane planet you chose not only Century but the best of Century to traverse its aquatic reservoirs? And why the last of its breed? Was it genetic deterioration of the species preservation? Or, Was it the super advanced, super secret futuristic warp drive inherent in Century construction of the period?”

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